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Lightning Strike baiting a little too free...

edited September 2016 in Spells
Charging up Lightning Strike but not firing is a great way to bait people into teleporting or otherwise wasting mana, but this tactic is too powerful to be completely free. Not only have I caused players to burn through 3 or 4 teleports without spending a drop myself, but I've found it to be very advantageous (though tedious) to constantly charge it up and cancel while I wait for them to teleport out of hiding because it sometimes lets me instantly hit them when they teleport into view.

I don't think anything drastic has to change, but my suggestion is to give Lightning a small activation cost of 10 (and lower the follow-through cost to 40 so the total is still 50).

You can still bait, you can still pre-charge (which are clever tactics that shouldn't be eliminated)...but you wouldn't be able to use these tactics indiscriminately any longer.


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