Player Progression, rewards and unlockables

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The current (v1.0.82) player progression system works like this (to quote @hanlid):
The cost starts at 100 dust and increases by 200 for every other purchase to a maximum of 900 dust / spell. Basically this -> 100, 100, 300, 300, 500, 500, 700, 700, 900, 900.
*Players can earn Relic Dust in the following ways:

In Practice match against the AI:
20 (win)

In Competitive or Friendly match:
100 (win)
20 (win without pickups)
20 (win without taking damage)
10 (first win of the day)
10 (first match of the day)
10 (first blood)
10 (dealt the most damage)

*This means you can earn a maximum of 180 Relic Dust in your first game of the day and a maximum of 160 per game the rest of the day.

*To unlock all of the spells requires a total of 5000 Relic Dust.

*The maximum amount of Relic Dust you can hold at one time is 2000 (it used to be capped at 1000).

*If you won every game and collected all possible rewards in one day, it would take you a minimum of 32 matches to unlock everything.

*More realistically, it will take you about 40-50 wins to unlock everything.

*Once all spells have been purchased you gain access to the Inquisitor skin.

Summary: Player progression in Wands is pretty rudimentary at the moment. It gives new players something to work towards as they learn the spells and the maps, but runs out of incentives fairly quickly. Once you've unlocked everything the game no longer tracks progress of any kind (Relic Dust caps at 2000, you gain no levels, XP or rank and your win count is not recorded.) Choosing what to unlock as you go is satisfying but ends up with diminishing returns as you are likely to unlock your favorites first, leaving the spells you are least interested in to be the most expensive.


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    A few thoughts:

    A good progression system with good rewards can do a lot to keep players playing. Hopefully there are some plans to expand this system significantly down the road. Dragon Front is a good example on GearVR of how to effectively dose out those rewards when your game is built on hundreds of small earnables. Herobound Gladiators managed to build a fairly robust progression with very little actual content (mostly hats). The gold standard, of course, is Call of Duty.

    That said, a couple of tweaks that I think might help the current system slightly:

    1) Bump the daily match and daily win bonuses to 50. Most new players end up playing someone much better than them (since those are the players most likely to be on)...newbs need to feel like they can still make progress.

    2) Display ALL of the rewards won to both players so people can see what they COULD be earning. Example:

    First Match of the Day! (50) - Hanlid
    First Match of the Day! (50) - OccyRing
    First Blood (10) - Hanlid
    Most Damage (10) - Hanlid
    WINNER! (100) - OccyRing
    First Win of the Day! (50) - OccyRing
    Won Without Pickups (20) - OccyRing

    Heck, I would even make them appear in the UI one at a time with a loud CLANG sound before allowing players to select anything.

    3) Call out rewards as they happen in some way (I guess the only bonus this makes sense for atm is First Blood.) The immediate feedback will reinforce the behaviors you want to encourage. It's too late at the end of the match to have much of an effect.

  • Very good input @CharmedImSure, I've relayed this to the rest of the team.

    Also you forgot one bonus ;)
    20 (win without taking damage)
  • I agree, more progression could do a lot to retain players. And it can be as easy as cosmetic changes. Give them a new wand for 10000 dust, etc
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    Personally, after unlocking all the spells and wands, I don't really care about "progression." Like I said in other threads, I like games I can just log in, be as good as everyone else, and win by skill and having fun. I don't want to feel like I "have to" log on in order to "keep up" or "maintain progression" or "level up."

    I think the relic dust serves as a gentle "learn as you go" sort of introduction to new players. As you play with existing spells, you unlock others. I feel that is a good system.

    The only advantage beyond more spells is that people can rematch and switch out their build and face the same player with the extra wands, which almost seems unfair to a new player who doesn't have access to multiple builds at a time. There is no telling whether the preset build is good, but it is probably at least two variations on the meta "best" build. I don't like having a meta best build. I think a good game is a good balance of multiple viable builds.

    I'm not worried about retaining players--what else is there to play on Daydream that is so awesome as Wands? I tried some of the other games and keep coming back here. I also work with a lot of people and just talk about this game all the time now. It is tough to find other Pixel users though.
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