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Games ive checked out recently

Picked up a few demoes. The tactera demo was meh. Not super impressed.

The dreadhalls demo was lengthy and terrifying, and im not into horror so i quit after seeing my first scary monster. Definitely get it if you like spooky.

Another multiplayer game is herobound gladiators. 4 player hack and slash enemy waves as they come in. Learn different moves and get weapons etc. I had fun with it. Its pretty chill and doesnt require a swivel chair or standing which is nice if you wanna relax more. Herobound first steps seemed a bit boring and slow paced for me. Not as good. But i guess thats why its first steps...for noobs only

Kangaroo hop is cool, vr frogger sort of deal with a few twists. Might have the title slightly off but it was something like that.

Dragon front is fun but can be slow and really heats the phone. Its a card game of sorts but your cards come to life like that game in the millenium falcon.

Not a gear vr app, but i highly recommend the star wars jakku spy thing from the star wars app in google play.

Still plenty of stuff i havent tried. Please post your opinions!


  • The Dragon Front beta is a lot of fun. I solved the overheating problem with this fan attachment:

    (Not cheap, but worth every penny imo.)

    I also have the card game Ascension, which is a faithful recreation of the tabletop version. No leveling and grinding for unlockables like Dragon Front, just the game and some AIs (up to 4 players). If anyone else has it I'm down for some friendly games.
  • Im sure its a good investment, but after shelling out for a controller i cant bring myself to do it xD also the controller works great. Maybe you should start a discussion on your useful vr attachments
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    Maybe once I find a comfortable pad and a strap that takes the weight off my nose I'll make a "PleasedToMeetTheEssentialGearVRAccessories" post. ;)
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    Nice reviews! I'll join in. I've played tons of games but only spent more than an hour on a handful. I'll post my experiences with those here:

    Gunjack - Basically Galaga with worse level design but you're sitting in a VR turret. Pretty much all the action happens right in front of you. Once you've played one level, you've played them all. This game strikes me as a cash grab.

    Smash Hit - It's not deep or challenging, but smashing glass with balls is always fun. The graphics are basic but look surprisingly good up close. Bonking into things somehow feels more real than in other VR games. This is probably the best game to demo to first-timers unless they're prone to motion sickness.

    Archer E. Bowman - Simple tower defense. Not much variety in weapons, enemies, or scenery. It's fun for a couple hours but there's not much replay value.

    Lands End - The most boring game I've ever played. You stare at dots, connect dots, and stack up stones. That's it. It boggles my mind that this thing has a 4.4 rating.

    Smashing the Battle - Pretty fun beat-em-up. Like most Gear VR games, it's simple and repetitive, but this one has enough variety to keep things pretty interesting. It's one of those games where you're looking down at the battlefield and everything looks like it's a few inches tall. It's kind of like watching toys fight each other.

    Herobound Spirit Champion - Discount Zelda, which isn't a bad thing unless you're used real Zelda and expect that level of quality.

    Anshar Wars 2 - The only game I've played more than Wands. The most fun I've ever had gaming has been in full, competitive AW2 multiplayer games. It's incredibly intense. But you'll have a very hard time finding games like that. The single player campaign is also good. Imagine Starfox with shorter levels and less creative enemies. Going for gold on each level gives the game plenty of replay value.
  • I kept seeing good reviews for lands end and had thought about buying it, so thanks for the warning! You saved me a few bucks :)

    I agree on gunjack mostly - though i do think the levels change a bit more than you give credit for, and the later ones get hard in my opinion. I think it was probably the best of vr when it came out, but not worth $10 currently. AW2 beats it by miles with a very fun campaign and 8 player battles. I only have gold on 1 level so far. Honestly the campaign by itself is worth 10 for me.

    Another paid game i tried was esper. Again it got good reviews, but i wasnt real impressed. Its just a bunch of short puzzles and it isnt super fun for me.
  • And while youre on the topic of vr zelda, i found finding vr to be one of my favorite free experiences. Its 1st person too, which is neat. I also loved it at the time because i didnt have a controller but could still play it. Sorta short but still fun.
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