Feature Request: Swipe left/right to rotate view

TyD59TyD59 United States
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I'm new to Wands & have played only a couple of hours on my S7 Edge Gear VR+. I love it!

I have a suggestion for navigation. Since the game often requires us to turn 360 degrees, it pretty much requires a spinning office chair, & space to spin in. Having a charger plugged into our Gear VR also adds to the difficulty.

I play another game that also requires 360 rotation, but has an added UI feature that removes the need for a 360 chair totally... It optionally uses the touchpad swipe left/right to spin our view. No need for a 360 chair!

Feature Request:
In the UI make swipe left/right turn our view. Make swipe up/down activate our spells menu. Alternativly perhaps add a HUD button somewhere to access the menu.

Thanx for the great game!

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  • Hi @TyD59, welcome to the community!

    Happy to hear you enjoy Wands and thank you for your feedback. Would you mind telling us about that other game you mentioned as reference?
  • TyD59TyD59 United States
    I thought it was Dreadhalls for GearVR, but that game is dependent on a controller or head-spin. I don't see any in my library that do it now. I probably removed it to conserve memory. I don't remember what it was.

    I did find a workaround to needing a 360 chair tho. Use a walking stick with a rubber protector on the end. Place it on the floor or ground between your feet. While spinning around it, it gives you a reference point & probably some balance feedback. You won't wander off into furniture while battling "blindly". It works great for me.

    Now the neighbors see a crazy long-haired bearded guy with a weird thing on his face, spinning around a walking stick planted in one spot, looking up & down, that appears to be dodging projectiles LOL !!

    I love the idea of a simple horizontal swipe to turn our vision. We could play while sitting on the couch or a recliner (as Oculus recommends sitting for safety). Another idea would be to add more controller support; joystick control.

    Happy spell casting!

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    I tape a small article of clothing to the ground personally, sock, underwear, shirt, whatever... Your real world orientation is irrelevant, just need to make sure you stay on center so you don't drift towards a wall. Could probably simply use tape too if you're barefoot. Seems like it'd be too easy to trip over a walking stick. Could skip the tape and just use the clothing if you have carpeting but I don't so it would be rather slippery otherwise.

    And yeah controller support would be great, see dreadhalls for a good example of that with both the reduced nausea version (45 degree increments or something) and the continuous turning version that makes people more frequently sick.

    I don't think this would be an advantage to controller users, anyone who doesn't stand is going to have a major disadvantage to someone who is standing regardless of whether they're using a joystick, couch, swivel chair, or whatever, so it's just a comfort/convenience thing. It just seems strange to have controller support but not let them chill on the couch while they check out the game.
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    Cool idea, @TyD59. An instant 180° turn would be a nice feature to have. I'm not sure how many people actually need it, though. Anshar Wars 2 has a pretty neat feature to accommodate Rift users (who can't spin because of the cord). The right stick can be used to turn quickly up to 180° in either direction. When you're doing this, everything but the center of your view blacks out, which I'm assuming is to prevent motion sickness. It's a cool feature, but players who can move freely still have a big advantage, because you have more speed and precision than the analog stick allows.

    @jcwilk I play in a swivel chair and don't feel like it's a disadvantage.
  • TyD59TyD59 United States
    @OccyRing I like the way DreadHalls did it. Joystick with the option to rotate smoothly fast or slow, or in increments of probability 45 degrees (to help from getting dizzy). I don't think it would be an advantage over the chair spinners, so might be acceptable as an upgrade.
  • @OccyRing Oh wow, I'm surprised you're able to flip around so quickly. Fair enough, I "stand" corrected ;P
  • Interesting discussion guys, I'll notify the rest of the team :)
  • @TyD59 If you're still around, this feature was added to the game with the Rift update. With a gamepad you can rotate your view 90 or 180 degrees using the right analog stick!
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