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Character and Spell Upgrades

I think it would be good if you could upgrade spells, perhaps with different upgrade paths too. For example, you can upgrade the arrows to flaming arrows or poison arrows etc. you could even have upgrades to the teleport.

Also it would be cool if you could earn stat points, Attack, Defense, hp, mana etc, and distribute them how you would like to specialise your character further.

Would also be cool if you could combine some relics to create more powerful ones, but maybe they take up more slots if you do.

What do you think?


  • I was thinking about how to facilitate more radically different play styles (like tanking, for example) and how difficult it would be at the moment.

    It got me wondering about a mod system where you could apply strengths and weaknesses to spells (or maybe it would be better as a slot for character-wide effects). One example might be a mod that gives you a passive defense that blocks n% of damage but increases the cost of Teleport significantly. You could then make a build designed around absorbing more hits at the expense of mobility.
  • This sounds like it would take an incredible amount of work. Every time you add a spell change you have to make sure it balances nicely. Thats always hard and requires play testing etc. I think a good start to spell changes may be giving us different color fire balls etc. Something cosmetic so we can at least spend our dust :)
  • edited October 2016
    I'm mostly musing out loud on this one; there isn't a real suggestion here.

    Although to expand on it...
    If the spells are ultimately divided into schools or categories (as the devs have hinted at in the past), then a character level mod system could work quite well with this by adjusting the relative balance between entire schools without needing to balance any of the individual spells (especially unknown future spells). So for my Tank example, the mod would grant the passive defense ability but raise the price of all "Mobility" spells and disallow equipping any "Defense" spell. Another mod might lower the price of all "Trap" spells but also decrease the damage of all "Projectiles" by n%.

  • Sounds cool at first, but I think it would act as a discouragement to new players. The beauty of this game is that even if you are starting out, you have a chance to win because the other player isn't just "overly geared." Those types of games are not fun and basically support the veterans and discourage new players. When I was a new player, even seeing the other player's rating and amount of unlocked spells seems as a psychological deterrent to even trying at first. There is no way a 6 spell player with 1500 rating on GVR is going to beat an OVR player at 2300 with 16 unlocked spells. GVR seems to be at a disadvantage due to having to aim harder than OVR players and also deal with having to recenter (and then face the wall, then turn around frantically to find your opponent again) mid battle due to the bluetooth not tracking properly periodically.

    I would be fine with cosmetic and equally available upgrades to all players, including new players, assuming it is balanced, but I would rather have a fine tuned, well balanced game with multiple viable builds.

    It seems the current meta softly requires us use flaming meteor or spikes in some respect or another to avoid shields, so those spells seem inherently better than projectile spells that can't go through shields. I think they should softly nerf these by making them do less damage than say devil's spit (the basic fireball), which requires more skill to aim and hit with.
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