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Spell Comparison Chart (1.1.2)

edited February 2017 in Spells
1.1.2 - Wands Spell Comparison Chart
Teleport 20 * * * 0.15s *
Shield of Light 10 + 5/s * * * * Mana
Acid Cloud 35 4/s 0-1.3 * * 22s
Heavenly Dome 20 + 15/s * * * * Mana
Devils Twins 35 * * * * DMG
Armor of the Sun 50 Block50% * * * DMG
Hail of Death 5 (1st=10) 3 0.3/0.6 * ~13.3m/s *
Lightning Strike 10 + 50 40 0.8 2s Instant *
Devils Spit 25 18 0.72 * 10m/s *
Petrifying Prison 20 * * * * 10s
Flaming Phoenix 45 ~16-60 0.36-1.33 0s-2s 13,7,13m/s 60s
Blazing Meteor 40 25 0.625 * 10->18m/s *
Electric Fist 30 8 (x5=40) 0.3-1.3 0s-2s 12.5m/s *
Stone Demon 80 10 Varies * 10m/s(prj) 50 HP
Chaos Leap 25 * * * 0.15s *
Soil Spikes 40 25 0.625 * * Touch
1.1.2 - Pickups
Health +15 Health 2s 30s 45s
1.1.2 - Player
100 100 5/s (20s) 10/s (10s)


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    1.1.1 Patch Notes:
    *This minor update adds balance changes and bug fixes. Notably, Dome no longer heals and Acid cannot be cast on the same tile as Prison.

    Game Improvements
    -Changed game end state to declare player with most health left winner when match timer runs out.
    -Show relic dust earnings for both players on end match screen.
    -If one player leaves after rematch level has loaded, kick remaining player to prevent multiple matches with only one player.
    -Optimized sound effect player
    -Quit button is now contextual to prevent confusion for new players.
    -Fixed bug where 5 second countdown window sometimes never appeared on match start, or appeared mid game.
    -Fixed bug where projectiles could bounce off the sky.

    Spell Balancing
    -Lightning Strike now drains 10 mana on charge start.
    -Increased health for Stone Demon from 35 to 50 and added a health meter.
    -Decreased damage done by Stone Demon projectiles from 12 to 10.
    -Disabled the use of Acid Cloud and Petrifying Prison on the same tile.
    -Increased activation cost for Heavenly Dome from 10 to 20.
    -Removed health gain on Heavenly Dome hit.
    -Armor of the Sun now only blocks 50 % damage instead of the full amount of an attack.

    Previous Charts:
    Patch v1.1.0
    Patch v1.0.82
    Patch v1.0.71
    Patch v1.0.5
    Release v1.0.4
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    Updated the chart to reflect the changes in 1.1.2....

    1.1.2 Patch Notes:
    *This update adds Daydream Leaderboards, bug fixes and balance changes to Acid Cloud.

    Game Improvements
    - Added dynamic k-factor based on player score. Players with a higher rating will experience a slightly smaller increment in when calculating games.
    - Daydream leaderboards
    - Players who are not signed in will no longer affect their opponents ratings

    Bug Fixes
    - Fixed bug where players could lose rank if left friendly duel
    - Fixed bug where players could lose rank if left a game they already won
    - Fixed bug where players could get stuck in loading screen.
    - Fixed bug where remaining player would get kicked out of his own game if opponent leaves during warmup

    Spell Balancing
    - Decreased Acid Cloud mana cost from 45 to 35
    - Increased Acid Cloud duration from 20 to 22 seconds.
  • Wow, lots of good changes. Sounds like they have really nerfed defensive spells lately. Makes me want to play again :)
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