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Blazing Meteor and Spike Counters?

I am like 1600 rated and got repeatedly placed against an OVR user as a GVR user who had a 2300 rating. The guy just uses flaming meteor and never actually sends them at me but sends them around me. You can't block the dmg unless you equip the shield that absorbs in a dome. If you use that shield, the guy uses the spike spell that goes through shields (what counter is there to this?). I've noticed that most people are just using the Blazing Meteor spell for that reason.

Maybe tone this down or make some actual counters to the splash damage?

Also, it isn't fun getting stomped by this guy repeatedly. It would be nice if more people were online to take him out of my queue. Most matches I feel like I stand a chance or can get better. I was having fun until this.

On another note, is the Google Daydream not optimized to play this game--like do we have a disadvantage over Oculus users?
Also, how come it says my score is 0 when my rating is like 1600? I can't seem to make that score go up when I win, and I've seen others with GVR and a score.


  • Teleport or Chaos Leap are probably the best options to deal with Meteor and Spikes. They both cost much less, so you'll have a pretty nice mana advantage if you dodge two or three Meteors. Shield also works as long as you keep the Shield between you and the Meteor, but that can be hard when it's aimed at a wall behind you. It's also a good idea to keep your distance when your opponent has Meteor so you can see its trajectory and have enough time to decide whether you want to block it or teleport away.

    I don't know if Gear VR players have an advantage. Since we don't have a remote, we aim by looking. It seems like the remote would be an advantage. The game has been on the Gear VR since August, so we've had longer to practice. Also, there are way more players on Gear VR.

    Not sure why your ranking is 0. Sounds like a bug. Maybe @hanlid knows.
  • This was helpful. I am using chaos leap a lot more now. I got rid of the dome shield (heaven's dome, I think it is called). I honestly think it would be balanced if they made the mana cost the same for the dome shield and the small shield because the dome shield doesn't reflect, which is a huge perk of the small shield; in exchange for not reflecting, you are protected from splash damage and bounces that go behind your shield. As of now, the dome shield is too expensive to use compared to chaos leap unless you time it just right, and even then, it won't protect you from spikes, so it is definitely less utility, I think.
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