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1.1.7 - Game visuals froze just as pre-game ended

edited April 2017 in Bugs
Joined a match, everything was fine until the pre-game countdown got to about halfway, then the screen froze (stuck to my face rather than being able to look around) but i could still hear the audio of the countdown finishing and the match starting. I tried exiting to the Universal menu to fix it, but that took too long and the match was ended in defeat when I return (-24 points, ouch). It did work again though, and was able to complete a match against the same player with no problem.

This is probably a Nougat issue, since I've had lots of issues like this in other games since updating that are fixed by going to the UM and back....buuuut...

...Please get rid of the "Player paused game" thing. Just let the game run. If i want to exit to the UM to fix some bug or check a notification that's up to me....don't force a loss because I didn't get back in 5 seconds.
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