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Wand changing UI missing relics and wands

edited May 2017 in Bugs
This bug is much more complex than the last one.

First, the new relics never show up in the wands.

For the wands themselves and the old relics, I've observed the following patterns:
The wand you have selected when you start the game will sometimes be missing elements the first time you pull up the Wand changing UI. After that, the wand will be back, but the relics will still be missing.
Prison: left: no relics, no wand
Temple: top: no wand | left: no relics | right: no relics
Halls: top: no wand | left: no wand
Station: top: no relics | right: no relics
Vale: top: no wand, no relics | left: no relics | right: no wand

Here are a few examples:

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