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Ultra Rapid Fire Mode

edited May 2017 in Spells
I know the reality is that this would probably make the Wands servers melt, but hear me out because some parts of this idea are fine to implement anywhere else as well. So, strap yourselves in.

TLDR: One week, during match, loadouts are unlocked. Players are given 12 spells per match.

"Would you like to know more?" - Starship Troopers


Commencing on April Fools Day at exactly 12AM, April 1st (GMT +0, so that way where ever you are in the world it's just so much easier for you to sync with), a new game mode will be available for the next week, ending at 12AM April 8th. The Competitive Duel and Duel Friend options will still be available, but there will also be Mage Wars (I dunno, sounded good in my head).

All three wands are available (no matter what level the user is) and you can equip any known/bought/purchased spell (not the ones you haven't unlocked yet, jesus, there needs to be ONE LIMITATION GAWD :awesome: ) to those three wands. Then you start a match. Yeaaaaaah booooooiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

So, the warm up stage we all know about, you have all ya wands unlocked and for 30 seconds you are just so chuffed with yourself. Don't lie. Then the match starts. And you quickly realise that the other guy just used five different spells... what? Your menu! The load out selector is still there! All three wands are still availiable!

"With great power, comes grea-" COME BACK HERE I'M NOT EVEN HALF WAY THOUGH MY MANA YET.

.... yeah. But this is dependent on many things, to start with. Also, there are many holes and bugs and loose ends in my little idea that need to be ironed out. There's also the plausibility that, simply put, there simply isn't the resources available to power this game mode and maintain satisfactory uptime.

But I'm hoping that at least some parts of this whole idea may seem interesting enough for the development team to run with. I just love this bloody game hey. It's the most awesome thing in my life right now :please:
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