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Trophy Room

Now that Wands has a leaderboard, seasonal rankings and unlockables it would be great to be able to see all of your trophies and gear displayed in a Trophy Room.

My first thought was you could kill two birds with one stone and expand the Basement for this purpose. It could be divided into a few different display areas, each with their own teleport spot so you can examine things up close:

Top 10 Display
One area could keep a record of the top 10 from each season along with your own personal final rank and any awards you've earned for each season (First place medal, Top 10, Top 50, Top 100, Top 1000, etc).

Outfit Display
Another area could show a full size replica of each character model you've unlocked. Clicking on them could cycle between skins and/or play an animation.

Mask/Wand Display
There could also be a wall showcasing all of the masks and Wands you've unlocked.

How does this kill two birds with one stone? Well, the Basement Trophy Room could still double as a training/practice/tutorial area where players can learn how the game works and test out their spells on dummies from various vantage points and ranges.

If you wanted to be REALLY economical, the devs could design the Basement level as a playable MP map and repurpose a version of the geo for the Training/Trophy room. The theme of the MP version could be that one Wielder has found the secret hideout of another and has invaded his territory!

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