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For Daydream players - What do the new spells do?

Here is the text of the new spells for Daydream players so you know what you're up against until Eastern Realms is released for your platform:

Blood Bolt (HP Cost: 4, Damage: 8)
"Use your HP to throw arrows at your opponent."
Looks like: Black smoky darts, easily confused with Hail.

Dragon's Breath (Mana Cost: 10, Damage 8-22/s)
"A short range flame that damages opponents the closer they are to the source of the flame."
Looks like: Hard to miss....giant swirling orange flames.

Demi (Mana Cost: 60, Damage: 50%)
"Shoot your opponent with a spell that reduces their life points to 50% of its current value."
Looks like: A big purple orb.

Curse of the Undead (Mana Cost, 40, Damage: N/A)
"Make your opponent's attempts to gain health turn into damage instead."
Looks like: This spell traps a location first, which has purple death heads floating on it. If you step on it, you can see purple skulls rotating around you until the effect wears off.

Magic Missile (Mana Cost: 12, Damage 8)
"TAP to shoot one missile in an arc forward, or HOLD to shoot three in an overbearing arc that all hit the same target in the end."
Looks like: Purple white bolts of energy (either one straight forward, or three side by side).

Oxymora (Mana Cost: 40, Damage: 8)
"Summons a statue with two revolving faces that fires damaging or health generating projectiles at anyone they see."
Looks like: A statue with two heads. The yellow bolts from the yellow head heals and the green bolts from the green head damages.


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