1.2.1 make these spells great again

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Here is the list of spells i think should be up for rebalancing, because they are nearly useless.

Hail-so inaccurate it rarely hits. Its fast though so maybe thats part of the point? Blood bolt seems just as fast but accurate and big damage, (but obviously a risky spell). Maybe just make hail a teensy bit more accurate?

Spit-still has one of the best mana to damage ratios, but lately has given way to magic missle as the go to spell. Spit is just too hard to hit with since it is so slow. The arc is cool but arcing makes it even slower and less likely to hit. Sure it could go around a corner but they will hear it a mile away and either teleport or shield. Ideas for spit include making it faster, or adding a charge feature like missle that increases speed or damage.

Phoenix-sorta self explanatory. When is the last time you were hit with a phoenix? I cant recall. Maybe never. Phoenix has always had some issues navigating the maps and such, but with its speed and noise once again its too easy to bring up a shield. Ideas for improving include doing damage through the shield, making it faster, or more stealthy.

Demi-i already railed on this one in the eastern realms spell thread, but here are ideas for improving it. 1. Make it do 50 damage instead of percent. This would give it an edge over lightning damage wise, while retaining lightnings utility as bait and insta damage. 2. Always do 50% damage, but scale cost to always be 50% of opponents health. 3. If demi is reflected, restores 50% of your health if it hits you. 4. Add charge feature to make it go faster......essentially biggest problem with the spell is if you hit anyone less than 100% hp its efficiency is just in the pits, and its hard to hit w as a slow ball spell.

Dome- @OccyRing pitched a great idea to me on making dome great again. As it absorbs hits it could regenerate mana as opposed to health. That way you gain an advantage by using dome rather than just being a more expensive shield that doesnt even reflect attacks. I added to this that in the case of blood bolt it could once again restore hp since thats what the spell uses.

Chaos leap- it costs the same as regular teleport, but with the risk of landing on spikes, poison, a tile engulfed in dragon flames, etc. Regular teleport seems better since you get to choose where you are headed. I know you dont have to aim w chaos leap, but i dont think its too hard to pick a blue tile generally. So my thought here to bring this spell back is make it interchangeable with the normal teleport spell so you dont waste two slots on teleports, and make chaos leap cheaper by a small amount since its riskier.

Anyone else have different ideas for these spells or see a different spell in need of balance?


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    I definitely agree that most of those spells are underpowered right now, and those are all good suggestions.
  • I like all these ideas except changing demi to 50 damage. That's way too overpowered. Unless there was some telegraphed charging of it or it cost even more mana or something.
  • I think Dome's cost could be made the same as Shield. They have a pretty balanced set of trade-offs atm. If you want to be able to reflect free counter-attacks, you take Shield at the expense of your legs and back being vulnerable. If you want full 360 degree coverage, you take Dome but lose the free counter-attacks.

    If everyone switches from Shield to Dome after this change, you can start tuning the cost back up little by little until the spell selection equalizes (bump it to 12 activation, 5/s burn first, then 15 activation, 5/s burn, etc)

    Without changing anything about Dome's functionality I bet the sweet spot is 12+5/s. This makes Dome slightly easier to drain with cheap spells like Missile and Bolt. Ideally, when players agonize over which spell to take, the balance has been tuned correctly. :)
  • @gilch you dont need to defend against hail because it does no damage. Someone empty their mana meter on you and youd still be fine. Half of them wont hit you anyway. Spit is still decent i suppose, but i think too slow to hit on any skilled player. For chaos leap, im glad you like it but would you at least like the option to exchange w normal teleport? I just cant stand having two slots dedicated to teleporting.

    @RiCarlos if you think 50 is overpowered do you have another idea in mind? Its incredibly difficult to hit and costs as much as lightning. Tell me how thats fair. And wht do you think 50 is overpowered? Especially when someone can easily reflect and do 50 to you instead? At least w lightning it doesnt reflect.

    @CharmedImSure i dont see dome and shield being equal even at same mana cost. I will still take shield every time. The opportunity to reflect an attack is just too good, especially against something like blood bolt. Also, i like the idea of dome costing more. That adds more thought to the decision. It would be risky since youd burn a ton of mana against cheaper spells like hail or missle. But against a spell like demi or lightning you rake in the mana for a counter opportunity.
  • @obi2kenobi Perhaps you could lay Demi as a trap too. A little black hole on the ground. That would hit more than the projectile currently does. You could be ready to follow that up too.

    Or how about demi flies like phoenix? Make it the tiniest bit better at hitting.
  • An idea I had would to use Curse against the daemon, which would then turn it against the player who created it. Would switch up the game a little.
  • I found the original post quite funny because Spit, Demi, and Phoenix are 3 of my most-used spells. Brief thoughts on those mentioned in the OP:
    Hail- I typically used it as a low-mana spell to at least cause a defense or teleport when I was low on mana myself. However, Dragon's Breath is better for this now, much scarier, so Hail is out of my usage list.
    Spit- Love this spell, especially the cost and damage. I think the speed is fine, but slowing way down because you added some curve is an oversight I wouldn't mind fixing.
    Demi- Almost every victory I've had against the Top 10 players comes from landing a Demi. I don't want to go far into strategy, but there's ways it should be used, and ways it won't help you. If speed was maybe 20% faster it would be a bit harder to block which would help.
    Phoenix- The better the player, the more judicious the use cases, but once again has been a hallmark of some of my biggest coups. Especially useful in the last minute because firing multiple in short order can really distress an opponent. I have no problem with it.
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    @TecmoBowlTed glad you are giving those spells from use! Probably part of the reason you have success w them is because they are so unexpected. I suppose the reason to choose demi vs lightning is the no charge time. Also, im aware that it can hit under shields which is good. Obviously used from a distance does nothing, but from close range you can score. Maybe you were the one i saw using it, i think ive only seen it used by one opponent.

    For me the lame thing about demi is just the cost. Yea its good for landing a first hit but what about a 2nd or 3rd? Do i want a spell that is useless in the final minutes?

    I used to use hail as well but now i use magic missle or dragon like you said
  • An additional thought on Demi- a very minor improvement that would make it a little more palatable is that if blocked, it just disintegrates, rather than reflects. The cost of losing 50% of your own health does provide a significant drawback.
  • Yea that would put it on par with lightning, which doesnt reflect. Would make the two spells a little more even.
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