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1.2.1 these spells rock!

Since i made a post on spells that need reworking, i wanted to do a post on spells that i think balance great at the moment.

Lightning-the cost is prohibitive, but the damage is enough to warrant the cost. Lightning has won some games for me where i got behind, due to its chunk damage. its a nice surprise spell, especially if fired from out of the opponents view. Add that it is laser accurate, hits under shield, and can be used to bait teleport at a mana advantage. Fun spell! Feels balanced.

Meteor-people have said its overpowered but i disagree. The splash damage makes it unique, sure. It does tend to be dependable when making a hit. However ive also reflected plenty back at the opponent for 25 damage. Its pretty slow. Additionally, a dome would protect against the splash damage, and we need more reasons to use dome anyway...and i think if you aim your shield just right you can avoid splash too (ie turn around if it hits a wall behind you)

Spikes- same mana damage ratio as meteor. Not overpowering since its your choice whether or not to teleport on them. Some spaces it can be hard to see whether the spikes are there, which adds to the fun. This spell also allows the caster to try and chase or lure the opponent onto the spikes. Adds some fun dimension to the game besides point and shoot.

Blood bolt-every time i use this i seem to kill myself, but boy do i have fun trying. Seems like a high skill spell, and you need to be counting health probably to use it safely. All the risk needs to be there since its so fast and good dps. Allows for aggressive play and unexpected outcomes.

Dragon breath - super powerful but super limited, which helps balance it. Highest mana damage ratio in game by far. Fun to play on certain maps. Feels really cool to use. I like fire.

Magic missle-i know i said it might op in my other thread, but im thinking it was more an issue of spit being underpowered as a result. Missle does feel balanced. It is slow and has a small hit radius. Its easy to send one whizzing by someones head without hitting. Its same damage ratio as lightning, but in tiny chunks. The option to 3ball it is fun, but limited to certain tiles which keeps it from being overwhelming.

Acid cloud- the space denial can be obnoxious, but the damage is slow enough that it is easy to teleport out of generally.

Oxymora- mostly just adds complexity and opportunity to a match. Very interesting to play with regardless of who casts it. Another spell that really adds depth to what could be a more generic point and shoot type game.

Stone demon - very powerful spell, but not for dps reasons. The mana cost is huge and i think justified given the utility of the spell.

Prison-interesting to use with certain spells. Not overpowering since the user can attack back at a mana advantage, or protect with a defensive spell.

Armor- the idea of having a shield you dont have to pull up is appealing, and the 1/2 damage rule keeps it in check so a player cant run around armored all day extending the game and making it boring. Also with more cheap spells around it is easier to break the armor.

Twins- another depth adding spell. Not often used, but usually an interesting choice. It gives space denial and there is the off chance you reflect a meteor or something back at them

Great job and a big thank you to our devs!
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