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1.2.1 - Spell doesn't fire if button pressed too quickly after spell menu released

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Sometimes I try to fire a spell too quickly after releasing the spell menu and nothing happens. Then I'm left standing there for a beat until I realize it didn't fire and must release the trigger and fire again. This is the worst with Lightning because it takes a moment to see if it is charging, so when it doesn't fire you usually lose up to a second in wasted time. This may not sound like a big problem, but in my experience this small window of time is often the difference between doing damage and getting dodged/blocked.

So what is happening?
There are a few frames of animation after the spell menu is released but before the menu is completely gone where pressing the fire button does nothing.

How do I know I'm not just pressing fire a millisecond before the spell menu is released?
This is certainly possible, but still a usability problem since I haven't been able to correct it in all of the time I've been playing.

What is the solution?

A small tweak that I feel will correct this problem is to add a test at the moment the spell menu is released for if the fire button is currently pressed. If it is, initiate firing per usual. This would handle both cases (where the player either presses the fire button during a "dead zone" where no button presses are being registered AND if the fire button is pressed before the spell menu is actually released).

Obviously it would be good to remove any dead zone, but i like that this solution also elegantly handles the case of a pre-fire.

I should note that if you fully press and release the fire button before releasing the spell menu, nothing would happen since this tweak only cares if the button is CURRENTLY being pressed at the moment when the spell menu goes away.

Fixing this would eliminate one of the biggest feelings of non-responsiveness from the game that I experience on a regular basis.


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    That's interesting. I know there's a bug where, if you tap the right trigger while the menu is in the process of closing, the menu will briefly pop back up and the spell won't fire. But in my experienace, when you press the trigger while the menu is closing and hold it, the spell will fire normally, as long as you release the trigger after the menu animation has finished. I think it starts charging the spell as soon as the menu is finished closing. But my trigger buttons are kind of mushy, so maybe you're able to hit the perfect frame and I'm not. How sure are you that when you start holding the trigger after letting go of the menu button, the spell doesn't start charging, even after the menu animation has finished playing?
  • Strange. I'm pretty confident that I can get a spell to start charging when initiating the trigger press while the menu is closing, as long as I keep holding the trigger. The reason I'm confident is that I've gotten pretty good at timing the 'bounce' you get from tapping the right trigger while the menu is closing.

    Here's what it looks like when I tap while the menu is closing (the menu briefly bounces back up) vs when I hold while the menu is closing (the spell starts charging a few frames after the menu is gone). The first 3 are tapping, the next 3 are holding, and the last two are frame by frame. I tried to use the same exact timing every time.

    Do you think there are a couple frames immediately after releasing the menu button where this doesn't apply? When I don't get anything, I've been assuming it was because I pressed the right trigger before fully releasing the left trigger.

  • I believe this has been addressed now with the new controls and subsequent fixes. Closing as of
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