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Stone Prison Duration and Mana Cost--Please improve

Prison should last longer than 10 seconds for the mana cost. I find it hard to get much off when it is actually up due to mana and/or poor duration. It is our only hard crowd control spell, and if people are running two spitter/turrets, I think the counter should be equally as viable other than hiding in a corner or wasting mana on killing the turrets. It isn't mana efficient crowd controlling the turret 4 times, and I think counters should always be more efficient than offense. Offensively, it just prevents teleporting--you can't acid cloud or spike people in it.

If it lasted 15-20 sec, I don't think it would be overpowered considering you are using a spell slot for it, chaos leap gets out of it, and you can still block from within it (except for the shoot between the legs "feature" BUG).


  • I'm just saying that by the time I do something like teleport, prison, block, I barely have enough mana to cast anything offensive before the prison is over, let alone make use of lining up something from two directions. It is too short as is. I never played back when you could put acid cloud or spikes in it (and was surprised you couldn't when I tried but agree we shouldn't force people to have chaos leap), but right now, prison should act as a harder crowd control and that means higher duration for both npc and pc to warrant a spot in a build over other skills. It isn't fair stone demon, oxymora (till it kills itself), curse stay in place indefinitely, which are all offensive skills. Even the trap from spikes and acid cloud last longer than prison, and spikes acts like prison for a good 2 seconds or so if you are hit by it (still).

    All I'm asking is for a 5-8 second buff to stone prison. Right now it isn't long enough to merit the term "prison" it's more like stone 'hiccup' or stone 'snag.'
  • I'm with you on this, I'd like it extended a little too. Maybe 12-15s. I think 20 is too long.
  • Prison lightning is still op. Without chaos leap you lose.
  • edited May 2017
    Why, because you shoot it at their feet and they can't block? More reason the unblockable feet area is clearly a bug. You can block anything else from inside stone prison, including attacks that come from multiple directions if you are keen.
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