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Community Guidelines

One would hope that in a world of reasonable, peaceful adults we could operate this forum without rules or moderators. However, it has come to my attention that this is not the world we live in.

I think it is time to set community guidelines, and discipline those who fail to abide by them. This forum exists to help build a wands community and improve the game through user feedback or bug reporting.

I have always thought the wands community is one of the highlights of this game, both players and devs. When i came to this forum in october 2016, i was met by friendly people who wanted to set up matches with me and help me learn the game. I started to make posts myself and became a part of the wands community.

However, lets say i joined today and i see a bunch of negative posts of complaints with no constructive value or full of swearing and ill will. Im here to tell you i would have been totally turned off and probably spent my time elsewhere.

So, lets post some guidelines. A couple to start with would be "only post if you can be constructive, only post with clean language." We need to keep this community friendly and positive if we hope to attract more players to the forum. Removing posts that violate guidelines can help keep this community great. Hopefully this would be a minimal time commitment.


  • I like this, in general gaming you'll be hard pressed to find a positive community where pvp is involved. Right now VR games has a limited community and I'm happy that it's not a bunch of people talking down to one another.
  • sigridsigrid Sweden
    I'm all for coming up with some guidelines and adding a few moderators to help us developers keep this a fun and friendly place! With that being said; I would love for some of you to volunteer to be a moderator and if you can come up with some good rules I would love the help!

    You can always contact me at
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