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Poll: meteor re-balance

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Many have pointed out that sometimes meteor is too obvious of a choice to put in your loadout. I agree because...looking at the spell comparison chart, meteor has a very healthy damage to mana ratio. There is no real tradeoff when choosing meteor. You dont have to say "do i want a spell that lands easily or a harder spell to land that does more damage." You just say i want both and take meteor.

To encourage use of other spells and make meteor more of a strategic decision, i suggest that it do less damage. Overall, i think the damage to mana ratio just needs to go down slightly. Decrease damage or increase mana. Even at 20 damage i think meteor would enjoy popularity because of its awesome splash.

Wands community, what say you!? Both poll options reduce the ratio to 0.5, making it lower than most spells. If you dont think a balance is necessary, please explain in a comment. Thanks.


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    The main reason Meteor is a bit overpowered right now is because its splash lets you do 25 damage very quickly (especially around corners), which gives you a pretty big advantage. I think making the splash do less damage than a direct hit would make Meteor more balanced and more interesting. For example, a direct hit could do 30 damage and the splash could do 15. This would encourage you to fire directly at your opponent if possible, which would make Meteor more strategic. If the splash only did 15 damage, shooting around corners would still be a useful tactic, but not as game-changing as it is now. Also, it makes sense that a direct hit would hurt more than an indirect hit.
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    Splash should scale; does it not? If so, I would consider that a bug.

    Even so, Meteor is a spell that has great value, utility and fun-factor right now. I would be very careful about messing around with it too much. Focus on getting the other spells up to the high bar set by Meteor instead (my opinion).
  • I like the direct hit damage fine. Im not sure if the splash scales or not. Maybe we need to test that some more.
  • I think Meteor is pretty good as is. The only thing to change, if change is needed, imo, is the splash damage. I like the idea in the Discord chat about it being based on the radius: the farther away you are, the less damage.
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    Turns out Meteor's splash damage is buggy. Thanks @CharmedImSure. :chuffed:

    Meteor's splash damage does scale, but only when the Meteor explodes in front of you. If it explodes behind you (which is usually the case), it does the full 25 damage that a direct hit would do.

    Simply fixing this bug would probably make Meteor much more balanced. =)
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