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Motion controller advantage

Currently, i believe the motion controller has a decent advantage over game controllers due to the extra shield coverage. I would like to request that both controllers be equal in terms of spell function.

I played someone who excelled at using shield and missle. On a map where i could find high ground where he couldnt get under my shield i could win. Other places i would lose because he uses acid and breaks any armor with missles under the shield. You cant return the favor since his feet are guarded. It wouldnt be a huge deal normally but when combined with acid, it basically takes away acids only counter which is armor, and feels pretty game breaking. Also at point blank range he can just hit you with missle after missle, while yours can all be blocked.

I realize there are probably strategic builds that could counter the acid missle tactic, but this is just about equal play. The extra protection from shield is a huge difference between two skilled players.


  • This is basically a repeat of the shooting at the feet thread. Frustrating, isn't it? :)
  • edited June 2017
    I think this helps balance the remote's weaknesses. They can block projectiles with Shield that you can't, but you can use projectiles from tiles that they can't.

    Ideally, all spells would originate from the same location, but in order for both head and remote aiming to feel natural, I don't think that's viable. Having projectiles originate from your head with remote aiming wouldn't feel right, and vice versa. The best solution is probably reworking the maps and spells to eliminate the discrepancies, but that sounds like a pretty big undertaking.

    As long as the strengths and weaknesses of the remote seem balanced, I don't think this is a huge issue. Having used both the gamepad and remote, I think they're fairly balanced, but I need more experience before I can say so definitively. I'm definitely better with the gamepad, but that could just be because I have so much more experience using it.

    Having said that, I think the fact that Shield leaves an opening in the same place every time (for gamepad users) is definitely a problem (and would still be a problem even if there were no remote advantage). When you can always bypass the Shield by aiming at a specific area, it removes a lot of the strategy for both sides. Shield's usefulness depends entirely on your opponent not knowing they should aim at your feet. My take is that Shield would be better if it were smaller but could also cover your feet when using the gamepad. So you could block any projectile, but it would require more skill, and it would be much harder to block multiple projectiles or Lightning. Perhaps simply putting Shield further away from the player's body would accomplish this, but I'm not sure.
  • I like the idea of any adjustment to shield, including the one you mentioned. I see what youre saying about remote and head aim feeling natural. Your proposed solution seems to answer a lot of the issues with shield, and would bring both controllers to a better equilibrium.
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