Spells that we would like to see added to the game

Thought I would kick this off as a thread for new spell suggestions.

Spells I would like to see in the game are:

Invisibility (can teleport when invisble)


Traps (damaging and hold)


It would also be good to get better wands with more attachments, also it would be something to work towards unlocking.


  • Mark said:

    Thought I would kick this off as a thread for new spell suggestions.

    Spells I would like to see in the game are:

    Invisibility (can teleport when invisble)


    Traps (damaging and hold)


    It would also be good to get better wands with more attachments, also it would be something to work towards unlocking.

    Thank you, We'll add these to our list of potential spell updates. Unlocks and vanity items is definitely something we've discussed and we'll see what the future brings

  • Great ideas! We have created magic schools that we might want to bring back. Actually, each spell belongs to a magic school right now but you cannot see it. So, having wands from different magic schools and have spells behave slightly different depending on which wand you use (and possibly block som spells in some Wands) and have the Wand level up and also find more spells with passive effects are things we've been talking about. Does this fit well with your ideas, Mark?
  • Sounds good. As I have now unlocked all the current spells available it would be good to have something else to upgrade or develop. Perhaps also a levelling up system apprentice, journeyman, master etc and access to specialisation and more spells when you reach a certain level. But then not to make you too powerful so that new players don't have a chance to defeat you.
  • @Mark Yes, the end-game will need to be expanded for sure. We have a lot of interesting things coming up. By the way, did you notice that you get a new character selection when you've unlocked all the spells?
  • I didn't realise about the new character at first but yes I did notice eventually
  • Another spell idea I just thought of would be a teleport opponent to a selected spot. This could lead to some interesting spell combinations and I imagine would be easy to implement?
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    Kind of a "reverse Scorpion" from Mortal Kombat...
    Instead of "GET OVER HERE!" it's "GET AWAY FROM ME!" :) I like it.

    EDIT: Actually, rereading your comment I realized it's kind of both. I was thinking you'd target the player and it would jump them elsewhere, but you could target a SPOT. That would let you pull them close or push them away if you want.
  • Yea it would give quite a few options for attack and defence and work well together with other spells
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    Cold/ice is conspicuously missing! One idea is a trap you can lay and if anyone lands on it, they get cold for a little while, temporarily slowing their casting speed and mana regeneration. You could use it strategically with other spells to control a certain area, you could try to lure your opponent to it, or you could use it to take advantage of correctly anticipating your opponent's movements.
  • I like those ideas occyring. And id even be happy with jist some sort of ice missle or ground spikes of some kind.
  • I also think the phoenix would be much better if you could fly it yourself through a first person view (and it flys faster)
  • Some other ideas:
    Gas form - turns you into gas for a few seconds, allowing projectiles to go straight through you. This could be very interesting in multiplayer mode.

    Penetrating Teleport - used to teleport through walls.

    Duplicate - creates an identical version of yourself that repeats every spell you cast except Teleport.

    Also, the best changes I would love to see are voice commands. The smartphone has a speaker, after all. Why not use it to decipher simple voice commands for every spell? I would love to shout METEOR to shoot my meteors :)
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    Here's another
    All Seeing Eye - get a small map that shows you where your oponent is. Could be complemented to also see his/her mana and health bars. This could also be a passive skill for mages who specialize in Divination school.

    And of course, you could always add the steampunk aspect. There's a lot to learn from Arcanum, where you could choose to level up in different spell schools and/or engineering fields. Here are the magical fields from that game -

    Conveyance - Deals with motion and transportation.
    Divination - Concerns itself with the gathering of knowledge through magical means.
    Air - Holds the spells that manipulate the first elemental material, that of air and wind.
    Earth - Holds the spells that manipulate the second elemental material, that of earth and stone.
    Fire - Holds the spells that manipulate the third elemental material, that of fire and heat.
    Water - Holds the spells that manipulate the fourth elemental material, that of water and ice.
    Force - Contains spells that manipulate and direct pure energy.
    Mental - Contains spells that influence and control the minds of their targets.
    Meta - Contains spells that affect other spells.
    Morph - Contains spells that change the substance of the target.
    Nature - Contains spells that control plants, animals, and natural forces.
    Black Necromantic - Contains spells that negatively affect the life force of a creature.
    White Necromantic - Contains spells that positively affect the life force of a creature.
    Phantasm - Contains spells that concern the control of light and illusion.
    Summoning - Contains spells that concern the summoning of creatures of progressive power.
    Temporal - Concerns spells that control the flow of time.

    While engineering could be used to create potions, electrical contraptions, guns, robots, etc.
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    Here are a few more ideas. I have no idea if they'd be viable.

    Arctic Blast - A ball of frozen air that starts small and expands. Does less damage the bigger it gets until ultimately fading away. You would only want to use this attack when your opponent is close.

    Karma Clone - You can create a clone of your opponent on any empty spot you choose. It always faces them and casts the same offensive spells that they do. It would disappear after a set amount of time.

    Blue Vortex - Is cast on an empty spot and disappears when you stop casting. Sucks in any projectiles that get within x meters of it and restores your mana based on how much damage the projectile would have done.

    Seed of Temptation - Creates a seed on an empty spot. After x seconds (maybe 30) it grows into a fruit that restores y amount of health and mana when consumed. But then x seconds later it becomes rotten and causes y amount of damage when consumed. There would be no outward indication that it's gone rotten. You'd have to remember when it was created. Either player could consume it so it would need a distinct sound effect to let the other player know when the spell is cast.
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    Here are some more ideas. Again, I don’t know if any would be viable. They’re just fun ideas I wish I could experiment with.

    Witch's Wail - Temporarily deafens your opponent and makes your character look pitch black. Listening to your opponent and watching their movements are both very important, so you could use this to set up a sneak attack or to secretly cast spells like Stone Demon.

    Ophidian’s Curse - Your eyes change color then start glowing, If your opponent sees your eyes when they're glowing, they're turned to stone for a few seconds, making them unable to use any spells (including teleport) and blacking out their vision, but they would only take half as much damage when hit . Your eyes changing color would be their warning to look away for the next second or two.

    Aspis Avenger - A skeleton appears on a random tile. When it gets a clear line of sight on your opponent, it detaches an arm and throws it at them in one quick motion, then disappears. It would reappear on another random spot and repeat the process with a leg, and then again with its skull (which could be fiery on the inside and do more damage). After throwing its skull, it would never reappear. The damage for the projectiles would need to be low (maybe 5/5/10) because it would also be useful as a distraction and mana burner.

    Celestial Beacon - Casts a beam of light from the heavens onto a spot of your choice for a set amount of time. Your health regenerates when you’re standing on the spot (and it would also purge any Acid Cloud, Devil's Twin, or Petrifying Prison on that spot). This would attract players to the same spot and give them something to fight over.

    I could keep churning these out, but I'm sure the devs already have lots of great ideas and have probably tested and discarded many of the ideas I'd come up with, so I'll try to restrain myself!
  • Thanks =)
    I stole your Duplicate idea and tweaked it a little bit.
  • Another take on occyrings beacon idea because i like the imagery,

    Heavens hammer - a strong beam of light slams down straight down from overhead of the opponent dealing damage. Damage and cast could be similar to lighting spell. Or something else.
  • Oh, sooo many nice ideas!!! I just love the vortex thing! Would love to be able to just work on spells full-time. Keep it up - just wanted to tell you guys that we see your comments and like them!
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    I would also love something that can create status quo battles like this but it's hard to find out what the mechanics should be behind the spells. Any ideas?

  • Teleportation Vortex: You place a teleportation vortex at a certain tile. The next player that teleports will end up on that tile.
  • @RickyHelgesson perhaps if two players cast the same dmg spell at the same time at each other they start an event like this and go until one player runs out of mana or teleports away. Whoever runs out of mana gets hit or could get damaged until the winning player runs out of mana. The teleport away aspect would only be possible if teleport gets mapped to a seperate button which i would love to see. Battles already get intense but if you could teleport and instantly fire i forsee intense, fast pace battles.
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    Mana Well - takes 1 spell slot and adds 1.25 multiplier to your mana. you can add it up to two spell slots but in increasing your mana, you lose versatility.

    So you could run around with 150% mana but only have 2 spells at your disposal for the match.
  • @RickyHelgesson that teleportation vortex would go nice with the cage and gas technique i see people using.
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    Sludge - Cast on a spot (occupied by a player or not). Slows down or delays the next teleport away from that spot (to give you more time to land an attack before they jump away). Must work against Chaos Leap!

    EDIT: Visual treatment idea - Call it Souls' Clutch and display it as a bunch of ghostly arms reaching out of the ground and grabbing at the player.

  • @RickyHelgesson on the teleportation vortex how about instead of the next time they teleport it puts them there, make it a forced teleport where it pulls the player to that spot. They could also jump away but it could make for an interesting combo, say if a meteor was almost to the spot when you teleport them there?

    @CharmedImSure i love the hands clawing at the person. Super creepy. What if addition to damage it also held them in place for a short time, sort of like a mix between the current poision gas and cage spells but it does less damage than the gas and holds them for less time than the cage but also costs less mana than either?
  • @Justice I don't even think it needs to do damage, though that could be interesting. Holding them in place is what I thought it should do too! Anything to stop that Occy from dodging every damn thing. ;)
  • "Possession" allows you to take control of your opponent briefly. So you could teleport them to a nasty spot you have created, or fire off spells wasting their mana
  • @RickyHelgesson
    About this one:
    August 31 Flag
    I would also love something that can create status quo battles like this but it's hard to find out what the mechanics should be behind the spells. Any ideas? https://media.giphy.com/media/gSY9NEX9nB2W4/giphy.gif

    How about when 2 players teleports to the same spot at the same time? It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Maybe you could set a time reference to when this (phenomenon) occurs, like both players must move within a 0.25 of a second to the same spot.

    And when this happens you both enter some kind of fast, maybe 6 seconds unlimited mana to really battle it out? Would be fun to play with..
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    @tobisan Love this idea! To expand upon it a bit: When wands get too close (by teleporting to the same spot) there is powerful electrical discharge between them (pushing the Wielders apart a bit). You can both turn your heads to bend the arc and can pump mana into it to increase the power. Bend the arc far enough with enough power and the discharge blows back on the other player teleporting him away with a small amount of damage.

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