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Your favorite and least favorite NEW spells

It's been about a month since Eastern Realms was released. Every new spell has made the game more interesting in its own way. Overall, I think the new spells were my favorite part of the update since they added so much more variety to the gameplay and strategy. Now that we've had a while to figure out the new spells, what are your thoughts?


  • How do I pick there are so many good ones :)

    Ranking by fun id say dragons breath, oxymora, curse blood bolt, magic missle, demi.

    Ranking by power/what i actually use magic missle, curse, dragons breath, blood bolt, oxymora, demi.

    Demi is last either way :) hard to rank oxymora higher in power when its literally a break even spell, but i love the possibilities if you control the map to make it tilt in your favor. Blood bolt dps is insane but i still havent had competitive success with it. It fills a great aggro niche though. Curse is great control on any map. Obvious why mm is good. Dragons breath i think is good, but its pretty unusable on the original maps. Fun to keep in at least one loadout
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    It was really hard for me to pick a favorite too. That's how you know the devs did a good job with the new spells. :chuffed:
    My favorite is a toss-up between Blood Bolt, Curse, and Oxymora. But my least favorite is definitely Demi.
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