Demon nerf - vote

While we are on the subject of demon, who is down for a nerf or adjustment of some kind?

One suggestion i heard was to make it lose health like oxymora when it fires.

Other suggestions include do less damage, have less health, etc.


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    Demon is definitely too powerful right now.

    The main reason is because it's so expensive to kill and if you don't kill it, it stays there forever.
    This is how much it currently costs to kill Demon (which has 50 HP and does 10 damage):
    2 Lightnings (120 mana)
    5 Twins (105 mana with luck)
    17 Hails (85 mana with luck)
    2 Meteors (80 mana)
    2 Spikes (80 mana)
    3 Spits (75 mana)
    2 Fists (60 mana if at least 7/10 hit)
    5 Shields (50+ mana)

    My favorite option is #5. Even before Oxymora existed, @CharmedImSure floated the idea of making Demon lose health every time it shoots a projectile. I think this would work very well for several reasons, and it should be a fairly easy tweak to implement. Demon losing 5 HP for each projectile would probably work pretty well, without having to change its starting health from 50.
  • Alternatively, they could just make Stone prison or whatever it is called actually CC it permanently or for a significant duration so that the cost of summoning a demon vs keeping it at bay is more balanced. Not that I don't think making it lose health is a good idea too, but then it becomes much less useful as well.
  • It would be fun to be able to curse the Demon, which would then turn it against the player who cast it.
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    "You forgot 7 Missiles for 84 mana. Oh, and 7 Blood Bolt for 28 HP, which seems pretty risky. You'd have a massive mana advantage though."
    I just copied and pasted a list I made before Eastern Realms :pleased:

    "In practice, it's usually not quite as expensive to kill as you're claiming though, because you can combine multiple spells. Notice that Lightning does 40 damage, and then one reflection with Shield is enough to finish it. That's maybe 70-75 instead of 120. That's not as cheap as just reflecting, but it's a lot faster. Most viable loadouts can at least approximately break even vs a Demon, if you plan ahead."
    That all depends on your loadout and where your opponent puts their Demon. It's often more expensive to kill in practice if you don't have the right spells and if you don't want to take damage from Demon (since you have to spend mana teleporting or distracting it). Demon is so powerful that I specifically account for it in all of my competitive loadouts. Shield/Fist is the best combo. Twins/Lightning is pretty effective too.
  • I think demon still costs more than the "84 for missle" etc because you arent counting the fact that you have to teleport or shield while youre killing it unless you want to take damage, meanwhile your opponent can also attack.

    Also i had another thought for a nerf which is to reduce the fire rate. That would help cut down on teleports or shields needed while killing a demon.
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