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Time for another rant about another spell that is in desperate need of some changes. I have not seen Heavenly Dome used by anyone in months! It is now a completely irrelevant, expensive and boring spell and has been left behind in a previous patch. I'd like to kick this off with a suggestion but please feel free to add below any thoughts on how to improve this often overlooked spell.

Perhaps activating it could cost health instead of mana... A 10 health activation followed by a 10/sec drain on mana. Couple this with adding back the healing ability of the dome but reducing the heal to 5HP. That way, triggering dome unnecessarily would cost you dearly but successful blocks would heal and not be so mana-intensive as well as blocking those pesky feet shots we all worry about.


  • I'll add that I think each projectile should heal 5HP so a fist or a a few hails would really benefit you! Also Dragon's Breath would heal 5/second.
  • I think they could just make it cost the same as shield and it would be balanced. It doesn't reflect, which is a very good trade off for more shielding. As of now, shield is less efficient than someone sending single fire missiles at you from magic missile or hail of death. Those spells would be extremely overpowered against someone who was using Dome. As of now, Dome acts as a slightly cheaper option than just teleporting, provided you can time it just right for splash damage or multiple incoming projectiles such that you aren't holding it up longer than minimally needed. Otherwise, it is a poor choice over chaos leap or teleporting. It also serves as a counter to the stone prison because there's nothing else you can do in there except use Dome or Chaos Leap.

    I've figured out how to block feet shots (it used to be much easier). There is one place you can put your shield that will 'scoop it up,' but it doesn't work when the other person is extremely close or under you. It's as though the shield was shrunk and there is an oval of area that it actually blocks.

  • This spell partially duplicates another thread: http://www.wandsgame.com/forum/discussion/466/1-2-1-make-these-spells-great-again#latest

    Make a poll combining all the ideas and take a vote. Gives the devs a nice easy visual of peoples feeling on a particular spell :)
  • A poll from a small posting population on the whole game playerbase.
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    Right now, Dome is one of the weakest and least interesting spells in the game imo. I think there are a few fundamental problems with Dome:
    1) There's very little strategy involved. You always want to use it as briefly as possible (and good players will). The only cases I can think of when dome isn't a no-brainer are when teleport would be a better option or when your opponent is using a cheap attack like Hail and blocking it might not be worth the mana.
    2) Shield is generally superior because it can give you a free attack.
    3) It renders their attack useless, and (due to mana cost) decreases your offensive firepower. So the net result is a spell that nullifies offense and makes stalemates more likely.

    I doubt balancing Dome in its current state can solve these problems. I think it needs some kind of special feature to be as interesting and strategic as the other spells.

    What I like about your idea is that Dome would hurt you a little if you're careless but could help you a lot if you're smart. It would introduce a risk/reward system that would make the spell much more interesting. If you're playing against someone using Dome, you'd have to be smart about spacing out your projectiles.

    An idea I've been toying with for improving Dome is letting a small percent of the damage get through but making it restore some of your mana. I think this would be really interesting because it would introduce the strategy of trading HP for mana to Wands. However, finding the right balance between damage and mana restoration would be tough.

    @JalapenoTrellis When it comes to things like balance and spell changes, you want informed and thoughtful opinions, and this forum has proven to be a great resource in that respect.
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    Well, I decided to vote then, since my vote matters here.

    If you cheapen the spell initial and per second cost and keep the existing functions, it is fixed. Honestly, I don't know why the reflect shield is cheaper. Reflecting is way more useful than dome of block. Make it cost the same as the reflect shield and then you have a spell I might use, especially on Daydream where reflect accuracy is no good unless it's meteor or you remain perfectly still.
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    One issue worth mentioning is that if you're quick enough, you can cast Fist across the map, teleport, and then block your own Fist with Dome. So if Dome's healing ability is brought back, you can recover 25 health for about 60 mana. It also works pretty well with Hail. I can imagine that would be a really useful tactic, especially at the end of the game, since you can win on health. They would need to make it so that your own projectiles can't heal you when they hit Dome. which seems kind of inconsistent.
  • Most players aren't as fast as OccyRing: cast a spell, teleport across the map, AND catch it? Maybe when I have perfect latency and responsiveness from my Daydream for like the first 5-10 min of play time and am in the same room as the server...ha

    I played with dome tonight in one of my builds against a noob who gave me 1-2 points for wins. Here's what needs to be changed:

    Make the initial cast the same cost as shield of light. The mana per second buff this patch was very helpful, but they need to take it further. It still drains my mana too much that I may as well teleport and not have it at all. I'm not sure why they feel it needs to be penalized for absorbing splash damage or curved attacks easier. It already is penalized by not having a reflect and taking up a wand spot.

    The only purpose of this shield seems to be for absorbing magic missile chargeup attacks, sneaky devil spit multi attacks, splash damage from blazing meteor (not as big a deal as it used to be), and having a defense if you are in stone prison without chaos leap against the aforementioned combo attacks. Why use it over chaos leap? Chaos leap can throw you into spikes/curses/clouds or just generally disorient you and them...but dome effectively costs more mana because you have to hold it for some period of time...unless you have perfect latency, hardware, and are in the room with the server.
  • @JalapenoTrellis Some good points there. I think you hit the nail on the head with the fact that a 360 degree instant defense is competing with Teleport/Leap as much as it is with Shield.

    The problem with Dome is that as soon as you lower the cost enough to make it viable at all, it instantly becomes overpowered. This is due primarily to the lack of weakness to exploit. Sure, you can use Gas/Spikes to force a teleport, but how do you actually damage this player?

    I've mentioned cooldowns before, but this is where a game like this can really benefit from a tunable cooldown mechanic. If Dome couldn't be reactivated for n seconds (1-3?), then there is an opening to exploit and the Dome user always has to judge the moment to moment trade-off between keeping the spell active (and burning too much mana) or releasing (and being unable to reactivate for a few seconds). You could then safely lower the cost of Dome until it was useful (without it becoming OP).

    Wands already has a warmup mechanic for some spells, so it's not a stretch to add the concept of cooldowns. It will open up a lot of possibilities and help to get some difficult spells to balance.
  • I'll reply to myself with a second point:

    One way to return the utility of healing to Heavenly Dome is for Dome to recharge a flat rate of health while active...1 HP every n seconds (in other words, how much mana do you need to spend to earn back 1 HP?)

    In this way you'd get a few points of HP back every time you use Dome but you wouldn't be able to wildly exploit it. I can picture someone running Dome in a pinch to gain HP against an opponent who isn't pressuring them. Using Dome to block an attack while also recharging would be optimally efficient, however using it while at full health would be sub-optimal.

    The recharge rate wouldn't need to be very fast at all, since only a few points of HP could mean winning or losing the match. The question you'd ask yourself when prepping your loadout with a defense spell would be, "Do I want to be able to reflect attacks back on people, or be able to heal myself?"

    That said, I wouldn't bother with this without also giving Dome a weakness to exploit (cooldowns, mentioned above). These two changes would work really well together in my opinion.
  • Recharge a teensy bit of health for significant mana cost and gain maybe a +5 or 10 hp advantage over a match? Vs reflecting a single attack for likely more than +5 or 10 hp over a match. Most reflections wont damage the opponent, but usually it happens at some point.
  • I can't reflect with any accuracy, let alone shoot with accuracy. Make the two shields the same mana cost.
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