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Please read this before posting a bug!

edited June 2017 in Bugs
If you ever find a bug that can be exploited to get a competitive advantage, please PM me instead of posting it publicly!

Good bug reports are extremely helpful and bad ones can waste the programmers' time. The more detailed and accurate a bug report is, the better.

A good bug report can help the programmers find and solve a problem quickly, while a bad one can send them on a wild goose chase that lasts for days. Every extra minute they spend fixing bugs is time they're not spending on new features, so if you're like me and want to see more new features faster, here's a guide on how to make a good bug report (based on what the programmers have told me).

The most useful information you can provide is how to reproduce the bug. This isn't always possible to figure out, but when you can, it's extremely helpful. Pictures and video can also be very helpful. Other useful information includes how severe the bug is, where it occurs, and what version of the game it occurs on.

All bug reports are appreciated! The more detailed and accurate, the better, but you don't need to go into a lot of detail unless you want to.

Here are examples of a bad, a good, and a great bug report:

A bad bug report:
I shot a Phoenix and it froze in midair. This is really unfair and needs to be fixed quickly.
This is bad because it doesn't provide much useful information and it overstates the problem.

A good bug report:
When my opponent blocked Phoenix with Shield at an odd angle, Phoenix appeared to freeze in midair. I've only seen this happen once and it happened in version 1.2.2.
This is better because it provides more accurate information, including clues for how to reproduce the bug (Shield at an odd angle).

A great bug report:
When a player blocks Phoenix with Shield at an odd angle, the Phoenix can appear to freeze in midair and linger there for a while. This often happens when Phoenix is blocked when it's spinning around a player.

Steps to reproduce
1. You need Phoenix and your opponent needs to be using Shield with a remote instead of a gamepad
2. Make Phoenix spin around your opponent by aiming it like I do in the video
3. When they block Phoenix, there’s a chance it will freeze from your perspective

In my experience, this happens about 25% of the time someone blocks a spinning Phoenix. It seems uncommon otherwise, so this bug isn't a high priority.

Additional information
-I don’t think you can block a spinning Phoenix unless you’re using a remote, since your Shield moves on a different axis when you're using a gamepad (head vs wand)
-Testing this alone doesn’t seem to work, so I’m guessing it’s related to Phoenix's known network synchronization issues
-I’ve also seen a spinning Phoenix freeze from my perspective when I blocked my opponent's
-In the video, my opponent continues to spin around after it’s frozen, so from his perspective it’s probably still spinning. I’m guessing when he blocks it from his perspective is when it disappears from my perspective since that’s when he stops using Shield
-I first noticed this in version
-This can happen on every map


This bug report has lots of useful information and paints a very clear picture of what the problem is and what causes it.

Thanks for helping improve the game by reporting bugs! =)
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