Warm up dodging

There is a certain player who is dodging me whenever they see me in warmup. This player just recently cracked 2k and its obvious they are worried about losing points. This really bugs me as it is already difficult to find a match without someone avoiding me. Also, he clicked competitive play- if you never play anyone your lvl you will never be ranked properly anyway! Not very competitve if you just beat down lv 1s all day.

Anyway, my suggestion is a small penalty for the dodger and a point bonus for the "winner" who stays. Could be half points each way.


  • I believe @hanlid said they were going to implement a loss for leaving during the warmup.
  • Didn't I get hell for complaining about this like a month or two ago?!? He must still be queue dodging.

    Also, sometimes the game just exits to non-VR in the middle of the game (I see my app screen up close and personal). Has happened a few times to me, so luckily I didn't get penalized (since the game is all about the rating, heh).

    Also, doesn't it suck when you get paired against a noob and you lose 26-28 points when you glitch and lose, and then you play then 7 more times to win those points back only to glitch again and lose another 26-28 points? The noob has like nothing to lose. This is why I usually just blast them to smithereens in cold blood.
  • They will reach a point where they will no longer receive points from players below a certain rating. If they are playing just for fun then this won't bother them but if they are playing competitively they will need to start engaging the tougher players.

    I'd be happy with a 1 point change for both players. Would discourage the dodgers and only hurt a little when you genuinely have to bail.
  • I just wish players werent discouraged from playing good players.

    If you genuinely have to bail there could be a cooldown on quitting during warmup then punishment starts when you do it more than once in a short time period. That way punishment can be more severe without affecting someone who needs to leave.

    Come to think of it, that could help with in game leaving too.
  • @CharmedImSure we left it as it is due to strong opinions against it within the company. I'll make sure to bring it up again.

    @obi2kenobi Not sure we want to complicate things further. A simple punishment for leaving a competitive match should suffice.

    I'll make sure to update this once a decision has been made.
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