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New dome idea

Even back in its healing days, dome was never a popular spell. It needs to be different than shield and right now there just isnt much differentiating it.

My idea is to take away the cost per second and change it to fixed cost. The dome would stay up once cast for a fixed amount of time, making the wielder invulnerable to projectiles like shield does. Traps would still do damage.

It could be a good tactic against someone lightning baiting or missle spamming, or prison/dragon breath. Basically you trade the utility of shield for mana effiency (popping shield repeatedly drains mana quick). Another great use would be protecting yourself while killing a demon.

With appropriate mana cost and time duration i really think this could work. If it is too cheap it will be overpowered. If it is too expensive it will be useless as ever. One possible way to balance would be take away regen during dome time. That would make it harder to spam dome all match. My initial number ideas are 30 mana cost for 10 seconds use, no regen during. Or 25 mana cost, 5 seconds use and regen during.

Suggestions welcome.


  • Right now it costs the same per second as shield and costs more to activate and it still isn't in my wand. I actually might want to add it though considering how glitchy the controller gets when you try to accurately reflect something back.
  • edited June 2017
    I like that idea, but I don't know if Dome is the right spell to apply it to. You would have the problem of Dome blocking projectiles from entering but not blocking them from exiting, which could be counterintuitive. To make the most of the idea for a timed defensive spell, I think it would be neat if you turned invisible. Maybe 35 mana for 3 seconds of being invisible (and projectiles would fly through you). You could not only avoid damage, but get your opponent to lose track of your location. Doing really sneaky stuff would be possible but expensive. For example, if you wanted to turn invisible, teleport right next to your opponent, and cast Demi, that would cost 105 mana, so even if you pulled it off, you would be a sitting duck.
  • I like it! Maybe dome could be supplanted by this new spell. Im tired of looking at it lying dormant lol.

    The invisibility would have to be translucent though. I dont think it would be fair to actually disappear. Also teleport animations should stay to give the opponent a chance to track you.
  • Invisibility would be really cool, honestly. Not sure if it should go with dome though...or should it?
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