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Wands Forum Guidelines

edited June 2017 in General Discussion
We have a wonderful community and want to keep it that way as it grows. Critiques, complaints, and debates are all welcome here as long as they're polite and on-topic. Our goal is to maintain a positive, welcoming environment so we can continue to have fun and productive discussions about Wands.

-Flame or insult other members
-Publicly complain about a player by name
-Derail a thread with an off-topic comment
-Post in the wrong subforum

-Threats of violence or harassment (even jokingly)
-Someone's personal information (name, address, picture, e-mail, phone number, etc)
-Bugs that can be exploited for a competitive advantage (please contact OccyRing or hanlid if you find one)
-Spam (advertising, excessive bumping, the same content in multiple threads, etc)
-Reposts of content that was closed, edited, or deleted by a moderator
-Content that is broadly offensive (pornography, gore, racism, etc)
-Anything that is illegal

If someone breaks the rules, please ignore their post and contact a moderator.
Also, feel free to contact a moderator if you have any questions or concerns.
OccyRing | CharmedImSure | obi2kenobi | RiCarlos
Moderators have the right to edit, delete, move, or merge any post that they feel is inappropriate or violates the rules, and they can ban any member who violates the rules.
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