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Idea to make spit relevant

Its been a long long long time since ive seen spit used by anyone not level 1, who just pick it because its an attack they have available.

Spit already has a pretty good mana damage ratio, but since it isn't as cheap as missle people are no longer interested. Spit used to be okay in the slower days of wands where people sit on one tile and curve it around columns but those days are over.

I think a small buff to spit, increasing damage to 20, will help bring spit alive again. Currently electric fist is one of the only reliable, cheap, quick ways to take out demon. But i dont want to see everyone running fist in every build just because demon is popular. With the buff to spit, 3 spits will take out demon quickly for a small mana advantage.

Anyone interested?


  • Nope. Occy is too damn good with curve balls as it is. Ill take the hit for the chance of a quick meteor hit, but not at 20.
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    I don't think a buff to 20 damage is a bad idea, but I'm not sure that it's necessary. Spit already has a relatively high damage to mana ratio, and it has the additional bonus of no cooldown between shots.

    Even though Magic Missile is much more popular than Spit right now, I don't think it's that much more powerful. So if that's true, why is Missile so popular? My guesses are because it's new, because it's really easy to use effectively, and because it feels more powerful.
  • Some excellent points made so far.
    @jlccyoung to your point i would say we can't balance every spell based on a single player, occyring. Thats what they did with heavenly dome and look where that got us.

    @OccyRing i think we should test your theory. Stand on a tile and spam spit while the other guy spams missle, see who wins. What that wont account for however is that missle can hit around shield for easy pts while spit can always be blocked more or less, and to avoid a fancy curveball all you have to do is teleport and you have mana advantage.

    It seems like missle travels faster too, but that may not be true. I would also point out that the hp buff to demon is partially at fault here since 3 spits woulddd have killed demon previously. So maybe one way to fix the situation would be make demon projectiles remove 6 hp at a time. Then the 54 from spit and 6 from demon projectile would kill the demon. Still not perfect since you have to block or teleport or take a hit but better than it is now
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    That's a great idea, @obi2kenobi
    My theory is that Spit will have a huge damage lead in the beginning but Missile will keep chipping away while the Spitter waits for mana to recharge. I'm not sure which will score the KO faster, but I'd bet on Spit. By the numbers, it should take 6 Spits to win (150 mana) vs 13 Missiles (156 mana), so it will be close. I'll PM you so we can do the test.

    In any case, the tactical retreat is a big part of my strategy when using Spit against Missile since it can do damage quicker but also uses up mana quicker.
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