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Active environments

So a little story wife got a vr headset as a gift for me for father's day, so we could play together. I was telling her which games are multiplayer, but she knows I obsess over wands so she wasn't keen on getting it or playing me.

She is a big harry potter fan though, and I got her to just try zooming around and shooting a few spells in a casual duel on vale. The first thing she asked me after "how do i move around" was "can i ring the gong!?" After she took the headset off i asked her again if she would think about playing, and she said yes :) wands really sells itself!

I think she really hit a good point with that comment. Interactive envrionments have always been a huge high point for wands that add to realism and give maps character (ortus trains, prison elevator, temple spinning thingy). It wouldd be awesome to have an interactive map piece here and there. Maybe in vale it is making the gong ring, but on other maps it could be something else like breaking an ortus lamp or a prison barrel.

I know i know, add it to the list of things we would love to implement if we had time :)
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