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Beginner's Guide

Beginners Guide to Wands

So, you’ve installed Wands for the first time and are ready to become the most feared mage in the game. After a brief trial of the fireball and shield in the basement you hop into a game against someone 50 levels above you and get destroyed. Don’t worry, with a few minor changes to gameplay you’ll be able to stand up to the big guys.

Spell Choice:

Choosing what four spells are in your arsenal is just as important as any in game skill, so make your selections count. Although there’s no correct choice, there are recommended compositions such as 2 damage, 1 shield, and 1 trap/indirect attack. Overall, make sure you have a balance of spells at your disposal.

Mana Consumption:
You start the game with 100 mana and a recharge rate of 5 mana/s which means it takes 20 seconds to recharge fully, but this changes during the last minute of the game where mana regen is doubled to 10/s. You can check the amount of mana and health you currently have by pulling up the swap spells menu and it’s in the middle of the ring. Maintaining a decent reserve of mana can mean the difference between a win and a loss. it’s important to never get caught without enough mana to teleport away, and using all your mana in one attack (mana dumping) will leave you vulnerable to a counter attack which isn’t recommended unless you know you will kill your opponent.

Consistently moving and never being stationary for too long is important to not become predictable. Far too often low experienced players stay in one spot, and combined with mana dumping, leaves them like a sitting duck. To avoid getting caught off guard keep mobile around the map and don’t put yourself into a corner. The worst thing that will lead to a loss 100% of the time is being stuck in a spot with no escape.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be able to hold your own against any wizard you run into. Have fun and I hope I run into you out in The Beyond!


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