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Your favorite loadouts

edited July 2017 in General Discussion
The loadout system in Wands is great. Since you can use any combination of spells, you can come up with lots of creative strategies and tactics. What are your favorite loadouts? Do you guys use fun loadouts or just use whatever gives you the best chance of winning?

In, a few of my favorites are:

Devils Twins | Chaos Leap | Lightning Strike | Meteor

This loadout is designed around deception and surprise. The goal is to always keep your opponent guessing and to hit them when they're confused. Twins and Leap are great at hiding your location and work very well together. Lightning charges silently which makes it a great fit for a stealthy loadout. And Meteor lets you land quick surprise attacks around corners. The only downside of this loadout is also its biggest strength: randomness.

Oxymora | Curse of the Undead | Acid Cloud | Shield of Light
This loadout is all about controlling the game and keeping pressure on your opponent. You can stand on a tile that has a good vantage point and use Oxymora, Curse, and Acid Cloud to keep your opponent on the run and away from pickups. Armor is a big problem for Acid Cloud, but at least Curse breaks it instantly. Shield lets you stand your ground against most attacks without costing much and is also nice for blocking Oxymora's bad projectile.

Shield of Light | Hail of Death | Lightning Strike | Blood Bolt
This loadout lets you be extremely aggressive. The goal is to overwhelm your opponent with offense. Each spell is really cheap (although Lightning is expensive, its charge is cheap) so you can constantly threaten your opponent with Hail and Lightning, and when they make a mistake, fire Lightning or go crazy with Blood Bolt. A defensive spell is necessary to combat dirty tricks (like Prison/Demon/Hiding), so Shield is a good choice because it's cheap and comes in handy when your opponent reflects a barrage of Blood Bolt or Hail back at you.


  • I have a similar loadout to your second one except I replaced curse with demon or spikes depending on my mood, I really love the laidback style where you control all movements. My "main" loadout is oxymora, Devil's spit/missile, electric fist, and armor. This loadout is a good balance of defense and attack, as well as a solid source of healing from oxy (which is my favorite spell in general). I don't have a proper third as i'm toying around with a twins based build or a turret based build, but i might have to try your last one :P!
  • Why not use Dragon's breath for your aggressive build? I think it will win in a dps race vs hail/lighting. It just only is good on certain maps.
  • edited July 2017
    @JalapenoTrellis I have a few issues with Dragon's Breath. In theory its DPS is amazing, but in practice, I haven't had much success with it (unless I use Prison and my opponent doesn't have Leap, Shield, or Dome). Dragon's Breath has a limited range so it's totally useless when your opponent isn't close. It takes a while for the flames to reach your opponent before it starts dealing damage, so players usually have time to block or dodge. And it does damage per second, so unless your opponent just stands right in front of you without defending, they won't take much damage. I think Dragon's Breath is one of the weakest spells in the game right now. Hail is really weak as well (I actually swapped it for Armor in my aggressive laodout) but it lets you attack constantly and keep pressure on your opponent. I mostly use it to try to make them waste mana or make a mistake that lets me land a harder hitting spell. Lightning is really useful from long range, and the fact that you can charge it without firing it lets you threaten your opponent from any distance without having to spend a big chunk of mana.
  • I will say Dragon's breath was one of my favorite builds, if used with prison, until people started slotting Chaos Leap again. Since then, I've dropped Stone Prison and D-Breath for other spells. But you could really catch people with their pants down who had poor mana management by torching them to death, which, is kinda gratifying in a sadistic way. I cackle with my evil laugh when it is happening. It is also fun to use against noobs.
  • I know what you mean. Even though it's weak, Dragons Breath is one of the most fun spells to use.
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