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After a long hiatus, the power rankings are back!

1. Shield of Light is cheap, you can block almost any projectile (now that shots below the knees don't work), and you basically get a free attack by reflecting your opponent's spell back at them.
2. Stone Demon lets you defend an area even when you're not there and can distract your opponent to create openings for you to land an attack.
3. Magic Missile is cheap and has a good damage to mana ratio, which makes it very useful. Simply spamming it is a pretty good strategy as long as you watch out for higher damage per second attacks (like Electric Fist). The optional triple shot can also come in handy.
4. Lightning Strike is great from long range since it doesn't have to travel through the air, and the charge is very useful for bluffing.
5. Electric Fist lets you do a lot of damage really fast when your opponent is close. It's also the best way to take out a Demon.
6. Soil Spikes can deny access to any tile indefinitely, which can be very useful. They're also great to use on tiles where your opponent can't see them. They make using Chaos Leap dangerous. And since they bypass Shield, you can time them to land right after a projectile and your opponent often won't have time to switch from Shield to Teleport and get away. 
7. Blazing Meteor is still great at hitting your opponent around corners, but now that its splash damage does less than 25, it's much more balanced,
8. Armor of the Sun absorbing 70% of damage is really nice against powerful spells. But it wouldn't be ranked this high if it didn't make you immune to Acid Cloud.
9. Chaos Leap is great for quickly dodging attacks and for confusing your opponent. However, it's often dangerous to use, especially when your opponent has Soil Spikes or Acid Cloud.
10. Devil's Twins can confuse your opponent long enough for you to land a big attack. They work very well with Chaos Leap.
11. Devil's Spit is the most versatile projectile. It's good in many ways but great in none.
12. Curse of the Undead is really useful because pickups are a huge part of high level games. Cursing your opponent right as they're grabbing a pickup is easy and makes a 30 point difference in their health. Unfortunately, it's useless during the last minute of the game (unless Oxymora is present).
13. Acid Cloud can be very useful for controlling tiles. It can also do decent damage when your opponent is out of mana or has nowhere to teleport. However, Armor of the Sun makes your opponent immune to this spell which often renders it useless.
14. Hail of Death isn't very good at dealing damage, but it's great for making your opponent waste mana and for keeping them on their heels.
15. Demi is great in the beginning of the game, but it's expensive and has a bad damage to mana ratio when your opponent has less than 60 HP.
16. Blood Bolt is the most dangerous spell to use. Unless you use it wisely, it will hurt you more than it helps you, and if your opponent has Shield, you can do a lot of damage to yourself very quickly. But it can be extremely powerful if your opponent is careless and if you're patient.
17. Oxymora doesn't really give you an advantage since it attacks you just like it attacks your opponent. It works very well with Curse since you can prevent your opponent from using it to heal. Even though it's not very powerful, I love this spell because it adds a layer of complexity to the game, which rewards you for being more strategic and tactical.
18. Petrifying Prison can be extremely powerful if your opponent doesn't have Shield, Leap, or Dome, but nearly every good player uses Shield or Leap.
19. Flaming Phoenix often requires charging and it takes a long time to fly to your opponent, so they have plenty of time to block or dodge it ... if it doesn't fly into a wall first. It's also a fairly expensive spell, so you're usually just wasting a big chunk of mana when you cast it.
20. Dragon’s Breath does a ton of damage in theory, but in practice most players either use Shield or teleport away before taking significant damage.
21. Heavenly Dome is more expensive than Shield and has no useful secondary effect. The fact that it surrounds you isn't much of an advantage since you can block pretty much any projectile with Shield anyway. This spell would be very useful if Shield didn't exist, but since Shield is so powerful, there's virtually no reason to use Dome.



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    1.0.5 - Nice list. :) I was going to post this exact topic, right down to the same order and commentary. Couldn't agree more!
  • Great list!
    The only thing I disagree with is no 15, Soil Spikes. I find them being somewhat of a underdog in the arsenal and often surprises opponents. I use Soil Spikes on the 'joker spot' on the wand where I change it with Stone Demon and Devils Twins.
    Though I guess Soil Spikes are to slow and obvious against more experienced players.
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    Soil Spikes would be really fun and useful if it could be used as a hidden trap like I suggested on another post. The trap would not be permanent, it would last for the same amount of time as acid cloud and would instantly activate if you or the other player teleport to that waypoint like a way to slow down your opponent or punish them from trying to hog the healing pickups. Anything would be better than the current version of this spell
  • Yeah, would be cool to use them as a passive trap!
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    I updated the rankings for 1.0.6. Even though the spells didn't change, I've done more experimenting and made some changes. Hail of Death is now number one, Heavenly Dome is a few spots higher, and Blazing Meteor is a few spots lower. There are some other changes, but they aren't very big. I also improved most of the descriptions.
  • This is a great idea!
    So I added the ability to have polls on the forum. @OccyRing, if you'd like you can use the "Attach Poll" button on the bottom of your post to add a poll to the thread.
  • @turbin Cool! I just added one. Can anyone vote, or just people who are logged in?
  • This is very valuable for tweaking the game and also to find out which new spells to add to the mix. Looking forward to the updates the coming weeks! :)
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    I was surprised to see while watching a match that deflecting a fully charged Phoenix with Heavenly Dome yields only a tiny bump in health, but deflecting a volley of Hail can shoot your health all the way back to full in a few seconds. Makes sense when you think about it...the amount of health it adds is fixed, regardless of what hits it.

    Now, Dome does still deplete your mana like crazy and if you're not careful you can get stuck with no mana, but I would say Hail is one of the worst weapons to use against Dome after seeing this.

    It also occurs to me that there is no feedback that a player is healing (either from Dome or pickups).
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    @CharmedImSure I have a technique with Hail that seems to work reliably against Dome. If you want to experiment against it, let me know.

    In my experience, Dome is best against Electric Fist and Stone Demon (Stone Demon basically becomes free health), good against Devil's Spit, Blazing Meteor, and Flaming Phoenix, and countered by Lightning Strike and Hail of Death.
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    Shield would be way cheaper than Dome for the slow ROF/higher damage stuff (if the mana draining bug were fixed). With Dome, you are paying a premium for health, which you can't really get from Lightning/Meteor/Phoenix.

    Against an unattended Demon though, yeah...I mean, wow, thanks for the help, guy!
  • I will not even use dome. It does not restore enough health and suckstoo much mana. If someone with lightning or phoenix tries to hit me while I have dome on I should get back at least 25 health for deflecting. It only restored like 5 health. Pointless. And if you try to use it against me while I have lightning I know how to make you waste it and strike you with a bolt
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    The more I experiment with Dome, the more I like it. Shield of Light, on the other hand, is starting to seem just as bad as Soil Spikes.

    Unfortunately for Dome, the two spells that are most effective against it happen to be very popular.
  • Team, are you seeing this? Heavenly Dome might need some tweaking. Maybe it should better charge based on percentage of damage that would have inflicted the player. Also, is it too expensive still? The fact that the opponent does not realize the healing is also problematic and also for the one receiving health. Possibly, we should use the Armor of the Sun color or some new color for the health bar for 1P view and on a halo for the 3P view.
  • When I play with Sheild of Light or Heavenly Dome, I find it problematic that it's not instant. Is there something wrong with me or the game? Do you like it the way it is or should it react faster? Would it be too good otherwise?
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    It's definitely not instant. There's a slight delay, but I've gotten used to it so it's not really an issue for me. However, I think it would be better if it were instant, especially at closer ranges. I don't know if it would be too good. Dome is already good enough to nullify Spit, Meteor, Electric Fist, and Flaming Phoenix from medium to long range when you see them coming. The only times I get hit with those when I have Dome is when we're really close or when my opponent finds a way to catch me off guard. Very few good players actually use Dome, however.
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    @RickyHelgesson after experimenting more with Heavenly Dome, I've moved it up even higher on the list. Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing about it (right now). I think it's one of the most powerful spells in the game, yet nobody else seems to be using it. Giving it any sort of buff would probably make it too powerful. I think the reason most players don't use it is because it seems way too expensive. But once you have a lot of experience using it, that's no longer an issue.
  • I will try to use dome again tonight to see if I still hate it. I have only used it few times when I first started playing andnever liked it. I hope new update for wands is coming soon
  • One tip to learn the timing is to cast a Demon when you're waiting. The Demon will attack you and you can practice blocking with Dome up for the shortest amount of time possible.
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    Now that 1.0.7 is out, the old list is mostly irrelevant. How do you think the changes in 1.0.7 affect the balance of power?

    Here are my final 1.0.6 rankings:

    1. Hail of Death - This spell has a great damage to mana ratio, counters Armor of the Sun, can be used to deplete the mana of opponents using Shield or Dome, can kill Twins cheaply, and gives you lots of control when attacking since you can shoot as many or as few arrows as you'd like very quickly.

    2. Lightning Strike - This is the most reliable way to do lots of damage. Also, using the charge to fake out opponents often tricks them into misjudging the timing of the attack and/or wasting mana.

    3. Chaos Leap - Being able to dodge without staring directly at a teleport spot is invaluable. Landing on a random spot gives you the advantage of knowing where your opponent is without them knowing where you are (unless you happen to land in their field of view). It also nullifies Petrifying Prison so it's a must-have spell for must-win games.

    4. Devil's Twins - You can really confuse the hell out of people if you know how to use this spell properly. They'll often be vulnerable to sneak attacks and waste mana thinking you're one of the Twins. It's difficult but not impossible to use effectively against good opponents.

    5. Armor of the Sun - If your opponent isn't using Hail of Death aggressively, there's no better way to avoid taking damage than using this spell and retreating to recast it when it breaks.

    6. Heavenly Dome - This move benefits more than any other from practice. It's very expensive when used continuously, but the cost can be minimized once you know how to time it. When used wisely, it will nullify most attacks without costing much mana and the healing really comes in handy after the pickups disappear.

    7. Devil's Spit - Its speed, cost, damage to mana ratio, and the ability to curve around obstacles make this one of the game's most versatile attacks.

    8. Stone Demon - One of the most strategic spells in the game. Its high mana cost means you must carefully choose when to cast it. When used wisely, it can be a huge asset.

    9. Electric Fist - The spread is too wide and the charge is too slow for this spell to be a reliably effective attack. It is capable of doing the most damage per mana, but only if a majority of the charges hit, so you must get close and charge it up, which is hard to pull off against good opponents.

    10. Petrifying Prison - This spell is extremely powerful when your opponent doesn't have Chaos Leap or Armor of the Sun, but most good players use one or both of those spells.

    11. Flaming Phoenix - It's super expensive, easily blocked, and often runs into walls. There are a few places where it's useful (especially in the Prison) but for the most part, it's a fun spell, not a practical one.

    12. Blazing Meteor - Often clips obstacles and doesn't do enough damage to justify its cost. I can't find a reason to use this spell over Lightning Strike or Devil's Spit.

    13. Acid Cloud - This spell won't touch anyone using Armor of the Sun or Chaos Leap, and it's too expensive to be useful for controlling sections of the map.

    14. Shield of Light - It's nearly impossible to accurately reflect attacks and it quickly depletes your mana when multiple attacks hit it, leaving you vulnerable.

    15. Soil Spikes - Slow, obvious, weak, expensive, doesn't kill Twins or Stone Demons, and can't be used on the same spot as Acid Cloud. The shield breaking ability isn't very useful because it's so slow that even if your opponent has Shield or Dome selected, there's enough time for them switch to teleport and get away.

    The poll results for most powerful spell in 1.0.6 were:
    44% Hail of Death
    22% Lightning Strike
    22% Chaos Leap
    11% Armor of the Sun
  • 1.0.7x - Good write-up!

    Acid Cloud - I think it's safe to lower the cost of this a bit. One of the unique things about it is that you can have two active at the same time, which could be quite effective for area denial, but it's just too expensive for that. Personally, I also don't think it needs to be countered by Armor....instead, I would have it do damage THROUGH Armor (but without destroying it).

    Hail - Nerfed a little too much. It needed to be knocked down a peg, but now it's pretty weak.

    Shield - Need to see its improved return fire ability in action before I comment on its balance.

    Increasing the speed of the projectiles across the board - This would raise the barrier to entry for new players considerably. I feel like we have reached the upper limit on that tuning knob. People need time to react. If it's too much of a twitch-fest, we will never get more players.

    Heavenly Dome - I do think the combination of instant-on AND 360 degree protection AND healing is a bit much. Its weakness is what? Spikes? That just forces a teleport. I haven't even mentioned the way Heavenly Dome crushingly manhandles anyone foolish enough to cast the 80 mana Demon in its presence. :)

    Devils Twins - I noticed that Twins always seem to face your opponent. Did they always do that? I thought they turned occasionally. In any case, it gives you an idea of where your opponent is hiding. Of course, the main time I'd want this advantage is when my opponent is using the Bird from out of sight...which unfortunately completely counters the Twins so it's kind of a waste. :/

    I'm really enjoying playing with the new Spike Trap. This is a lot of fun, especially when a clever opponent keeps hiding them on spots you can teleport to but don't have LOS on the trap itself. Ouch!

    I have also found some clever uses for the size and splash of Meteor, so it's nice to be incorporating that into my builds finally. I think it could still use a slight drop in cost (or a slight bump in damage)...but I'm not completely sure of that yet.

    Definitely agree that the spells are more balanced than before...harder to pick out one dominant build.

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    I think the projectiles move way too slowly for experienced players. It's like if dodgeball were played with beach balls instead. Only beginners would ever get hit! But you're right, it would definitely be more challenging for new players. Conversely, the way it is now, it must be frustrating for new players to never even land a hit against experienced players.

    Other than increasing the speed of projectiles, another idea to solve the block/dodge problem would be increasing the mana regeneration rate to allow players to string together more complex tactics and create more confusion and opportunities for a successful attack.

    The Twins have always faced your opponent and their heads always look straight ahead even if your opponent is above or below them.

    Regarding Meteor, you were able to attack very quickly after teleporting without having to accurately aim, which was a great tactic against Dome. But now that I'm aware of it, I doubt it will work very well.

    I think your thoughts on Cloud, Hail, Shield, Spikes, and Dome are on point. Maybe making Dome's deployment delay a little longer would help balance it.
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    Updates for 1.1.03

    -Armor of the Sun moved up because it's a good counter to Lightning, pairs very well with the other defensive spells, and having to retreat and recast it isn't much of a problem since you no longer have to worry about a draw if time runs out
    -Lightning moved up since doing more damage is very important now (to win when time runs out)
    -Meteor moved up since it's more useful on the new Halls
    -Shield moved up, but its vastly improved ability to reflect projectiles isn't as dangerous as I expected
    -Leap moved down because it's somewhat risky, and a bit of bad luck is more difficult to recover from now that you can lose on damage.
    -Dome moved way down since Prison/Acid is pretty popular in competitive play (especially since you can change wands) and Dome needs support from another defensive spell to deal with it
    -Phoenix moved way down since it seems to fly straight into walls half the time
  • Don't forget the mana advantage of Shield though...you now get a free 20 mana forced teleport out of a block that cost, what? 10?
  • Now that 1.1.0x is in the books, here are my final rankings:

    1. Armor of the Sun - You can avoid significant damage by keeping Armor up and retreating to recast it when it breaks. It's also a great counter to Lightning baiting. Playing defensively and using Armor with Dome or Shield can turn you into an impenetrable fortress.

    2. Lightning Strike - This is the most reliable way to inflict damage. Charging it without firing it will often trick your opponent into wasting mana or misjudging its timing.

    3. Blazing Meteor - Its speed and splash damage radius make Meteor the quickest way to inflict damage, and you can hit opponents from spots where they can't hit you back. It will occasionally damage the player casting it if used recklessly.

    4. Soil Spikes - Too slow to be a reliable source of damage, but its functionality as a trap makes it surprisingly useful. It's one of the few spells that can annoy players using Leap or Dome. You can use it to block pickups and/or help guard your Demon. It's the only attack that remains useful after being dodged. But it can be a liability if you're using Leap or forgot where you put it.

    5. Devil's Twins - Can confuse your opponent, allowing you to land a sneak attack. This is probably the most difficult spell to master because the best players are tough to trick, but it's definitely worth the effort.

    6. Chaos Leap - Great for dodging and one of the best ways to catch your opponent off guard. Without this spell, Petrifying Prison would be ranked number one. However, this spell can be dangerous to use if there's a possibility of landing on Spikes. Lightning baiting is also a problem since your opponent can make you waste mana dodging feints.

    7. Devil's Spit - Since this is the only good attack that doesn't cost a lot of mana, it works well in many builds and is one of the few spells you can use to set up combos. Its ability to curve is useful for distracting your opponent and getting around Shield.

    8. Heavenly Dome - A well-timed Dome is usually cheaper than the projectile it's blocking, leaving you with a mana advantage. If they keep their distance, a cautious player using this spell will almost never take significant damage from projectiles. The healing is a nice perk. Its biggest weakness is that it needs support from another defensive spell to handle Prison/Acid.

    9. Electric Fist - Useful in close quarters and for cheaply taking out Stone Demon. Sneak attacks from behind sometimes work and it's great for guarding close tiles, but it’s too slow and its spread is too wide for it to be useful from mid to long range.

    10. Shield of Light - It's outclassed by Dome from mid to long range but is more effective at short range. Its improved ability to reflect attacks can be useful, but skilled opponents can deny you that opportunity by curving Spit, aiming Meteor at a wall, or bouncing Fist off the ground in front of you. Also, there's always a small area that's not covered, so a well-placed Lightning can get through.

    11. Stone Demon - It can help you guard pickup tiles and/or distract your opponent. It's very easy to kill so must be used wisely. If your opponent has Lightning, Spit, or Fist, they can quickly kill it and have a mana advantage.

    12. Petrifying Prison - This spell can be extremely powerful if your opponent doesn't have the right defensive spells to counter it. Its primary use is trapping your opponent in Acid Cloud, but that doesn't work when they have Chaos Leap or Armor of the Sun.

    13. Hail of Death - This spell has a pitiful damage to mana ratio. It's useful for breaking Armor and cheaply killing a Twin, but its accuracy is so bad you'll often need to use more than one. If Armor weren't so popular right now, this spell would be virtually useless.

    14. Acid Cloud - Powerful in conjunction with Petrifying Prison but too expensive to be effective on its own and nullified by Armor of the Sun.

    15. Flaming Phoenix - There are a lot of interesting ways to use this attack. Unfortunately, it's buggy right now, so you often end up watching 45 mana fly straight into a wall.
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    Phoenix is good in maps with lots of corners and blind spots for periscope-surprising people. It is worth the mana in those places but not worth a spot on the wand in most of my builds now unless I'm toying with noobs.

    Oxymora should be higher than Stone Demon. The mana cost is lower and the damage is only 2 less and it heals.

    Lightning strike is something I never seem to get away with, so I think it should be ranked much lower. It is also impossible to aim with Daydream controller flickering around.
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