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1.3.0 - Devil's Spit doing damage to me after I teleported out of the way?

edited September 2017 in Bugs

Platform: GearVR
Device: S7E Snapdragon, Android 7.0, Matricom XYBA gamepad
Username: PleasedToMeetYou
Wands Version: 1.3.0 (Rift Release)

Severity: Moderate
Frequency: 10-15 times over 22 matches
Description: I was playing with a player that was using Devil's Spit quite a bit which I would sometimes just teleport out of the way of if he curved it around behind me...However, there were many occasions where I took damage after safely arriving at my new location despite easily dodging the Spit (from my perspective anyway). I'm also pretty sure it wasn't additional Spits preemptively fired at my new location either. Not sure if this is lag or a bug with Spit, or something crazy like I was impacting something in the air as I teleported or what....
Steps to Reproduce: None yet, but try teleporting out of the way of Spit being curved at you.


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