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1.3.0 - Spectator Sniping

edited September 2017 in Bugs

Platform: GearVR
Device: S7E Snapdragon, Android 7.0, Matricom XYBA gamepad
Username: PleasedToMeetYou
Wands Version: 1.3.0 (Rift Release)

The conditions for ranked play and the integrity of the leaderboard are not ideal atm. One of the issues is that players can watch Spec and choose their opponents by joining ranked play when someone they want to play is waiting for a game. This obviously affects the integrity of the rankings because it makes possible the degenerate strategy of grinding points from players you know you can beat. Another side effect is that players who employ this strategy are not joining the queue and providing games for other players, they are sitting in Spec all waiting for someone else to start a game.

Suggested fix: At the very least, Spec should not display the name, rank or any other identifiable information about a player waiting for a game until they have been matched with someone.

This issue goes hand in hand with Skill-based matchmaking and a proper matchmaking queue...if these features are not implemented at the same time, you will get a new problem where players will find it frustratingly difficult to find matches against evenly ranked players.
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