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1.3.0 - Skill-based matchmaking

edited September 2017 in Bugs

Platform: GearVR
Device: S7E Snapdragon, Android 7.0, Matricom XYBA gamepad
Username: PleasedToMeetYou
Wands Version: 1.3.0 (Rift Release)

This has been discussed on Discord, but Wands needs skill based matchmaking. This also means it needs a matchmaking queue to corral players until they find a suitable match (instead of what happens now, which is one player hosts a match immediately and the very next player looking for a game joins it).

Functionally, when you select "competitive game" it would put you into a queue that would look for a player with a similar rating. If it finds one, great, you're both put in a match together. If it doesn't find one, the search gradually widens to include players with rating further above and below you. As soon as two players in the queue have compatible search constraints they are matched. Eventually (say after 3 minutes) the search would have expanded to include players of any if there are only two wildly mismatched players waiting in the queue, they will eventually get matched.

Ideally, the player would see a display indicating the expected wait time based on recent activity as well as an elapsed time to compare it to. At any time they can leave the queue. Rejoining the queue would restart the search process.

I recommend looking at the Oculus matchmaking documentation for an example.
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