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1.3.0 - Feedback when other player is collecting health pickups

edited September 2017 in Bugs

Platform: GearVR
Device: S7E Snapdragon, Android 7.0, Matricom XYBA gamepad
Username: PleasedToMeetYou
Wands Version: 1.3.0 (Rift Release)

The feedback for when the other player is trying to grab a health pickup is very poor atm. It maybe wasn't as big of a deal in the past because players had to least turn to look at it generally, but with the Gear/Daydream wands and Rift controls no look pickups are becoming more common. Gameplay would be improved (and the playing field leveled) by giving this action some very clear feedback.

It should be abundantly clear when a player has started/stopped/finished their grab attempt. A really simple solution would be to display a glow around the health pickup that grows and pulses at an increasing rate as the grab attempt progresses....but I'm sure there are much cooler ideas.

What I'd really like to see is this:
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