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1.3.0 - Relic part of wand on workbench not selectable

Platform: GearVR
Device: S7E Snapdragon, Android 7.0, Matricom XYBA gamepad
Username: PleasedToMeetYou
Wands Version: 1.3.0 (Rift Release)

Severity: Low
Frequency: 100%
Description: When you want to open up your wand to swap out relics from your workbench in the Workshop you have to focus on the very top or the shaft of the wand to activate it, but the large chunk of relics in the center are not part of the selection. This has been a minor annoyance since the game came out, but it has never been fixed. The whole wand should be selectable for the ease of activation.
Steps to Reproduce: Go into Workshop, move your cursor down the length of the wand sitting on the workbench: Observe that only the very top and bottom of the wand are highlighted and can be activated while the large center portion with the relics (where you tend to aim first) are unresponsive.


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