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Polish Roadmap

edited June 2018 in Bugs
Wands is in a great place right now: The game is fun and balanced, the playerbase is steadily growing, the community is active on Discord and there are more high level players than ever before. It has also been released on 5 different platforms that are all cross-compatible (which is pretty amazing).

The team at Cortopia has been very committed to improving Wands and turning it into a must-have VR experience, which is why I wanted to compile the following list of improvements that I think will set Wands up to be even more successful, especially if the game is to be released on PSVR which is owned by over 2 million dedicated gamers; they will expect a polished product.

Note: I will cross out items as they are addressed to keep a record of any progress.
This is a work in progress....expect items to be added as I find time.


Wands is, and has been, extremely stable since launch.
• Wands has Unexpectedly Closed - Some crashes being reported by users after the 1.3.6 Update.


• Skill-based matchmaking - Ranked games must try to match players of similar skill.
• Estimated/Elapsed wait time - Lobby needs feedback to keep players in queue.
• Prevent Spectator sniping - Players should not be able to cherry-pick opponents in ranked play.
• Penalize ranked match dodging - Once players have been matched, leaving should result in a loss.
• Best of 3 then back to matchmaking queue - Queue can feel dead if everyone rematches. Direct rematching also allows point farming.

Competitive Play:

• Standardize season length - Predictability and reliability make it easier for players to invest their time.
• Announce precise start and end dates for season - Date, time and timezone.


• Randomize starting positions - Must mitigate the natural imbalance from asymmetric maps.
• Standardize wand position while charging spells (gaze aiming) - Some characters can hide what they are doing with partial cover.

Missing Features:

• Single Player Campaign - Improved sales for gamers daunted by Online-Only. Offline missions, training and practice.
• More Robust Tutorial/Training - Basement too minimalist, needs much love.


• Bring back spectating - This was one of Wands best features.
• Reliability & Stability - Confidence in Spec makes it easier to share and promote the game.
• Incorrect Ranks - Ranks are being displayed for both players as that of the host's.
• Fast initial load - The faster Spec loads, the more people will use it.
• Hide loadouts - Prevent players from peeking at their opponent's spell choices.
• Hide names of waiting ranked players - Discourage players from cherry picking opponents.


• Can't tell when opponent is targeting a pickup.
• New players can't find the Basement - Access to training needs to be as prominent as the Blackboard, Workbench & Portal.
• Teleport trail looks too much like Magic Missile and Demi.
• Lightning and Fist charging FX look too similar.


• Results screen inaccurate.
• Spells appear to be reflected by Shield but aren't.
• Hail & Blood Bolt fire extra projectiles.
• Leap doesn't always work.
• Dragon's Breath doesn't always kill Twins.


Offline Training/Bots - Stress-free practice, guided training, extending wait times in ranked play a must. Survival added 1.3.4
Lightning spell doesn't do any damage. Fixed: 1.3.4
Inquisitor mesh doesn't move. Fixed 1.3.5
Can't see Blau cast spells. Fixed 1.3.5
Hail and Blood Bolts look too similar on mobile. Fixed 1.3.6
Low awareness of health/mana with gamepad controls - Not ideal to select a spell to see stats. Fixed 1.3.6
Match countdown sometimes doesn't start. Fixed 1.3.6
Avoid changes near end of season - Don't frustrate loyal players with bugs & balance issues. 1.3.7 released just after Season 4 ended.
Refine rank titles - Too many, the order needs to be clear and intuitive. Banners added 1.3.7
Spec crashing frequently after 1.3.6 Update - Exception errors. Fixed 1.3.7?
Shield not blocking Disc splash damage. Fixed 1.3.7
Spikes broken in several ways. Fixed 1.3.7
Devil's Spit (and other projectiles) does damage during teleport. Fixed 1.3.9
Four Twins active at once. Fixed 1.3.9
Reflecting Lightning off Twins does double damage. Fixed 1.3.9

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