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New to the game

I'm new to Wands and so far today I have only been able to dual people that are so high I die in less them 50 secs. Once in 24 secs. Why am 8 pared up with players this high. I can't level up or gain dust. WTH?


  • Hey, Bigdoghunting68! Welcome to Wands!

    Right now the Wands matchmaking service will pair you with any waiting player. It doesn't attempt to find an opponent close to your skill level. The devs are actively supporting and updating the game, so our hope is that skill-based matchmaking is a feature they will add at some point.

    In the meantime, come join us on the discord server to find other players at your skill level:

    You can also look at to see who is currently playing and try to avoid joining top ranked players.
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