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Exhibition Games

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Since high rated players earn 0 points for beating novices, but still lose at least 16 if they take a loss, high rated players are strongly incentivised to leave the game before it starts if they're matched up against someone rated much lower than them, since they have nothing to gain and a lot to lose. This starts at a rating of 2169 against a 1500 rated player.

The reason you earn 0 points is because you're expected to win against that opponent 100% of the time, so you could hypothetically grind your rating up to infinity against much weaker opponents if they gave you points (this is why ratings were inflated last season when you always got at least 1 point for winning). But in reality, there's never truly a 100% chance of winning due to overheating, bugs, and other issues that are beyond your control, which is why players are so strongly incentivised to leave when they have nothing to gain but something to lose.

I don't think there's an ideal solution, but it would probably help a lot to make these games (where the higher rated player can't gain any points) "exhibition" matches, where no points are won or lost by either player regardless of the outcome. This will probably make the higher rated player less likely to quit since they have nothing to lose, and @natejaymusic pointed out that it will also make experts more likely go easy on novices (since they won't lose any points for losing the game).

What do you guys think?


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    I don't think the current rating system is that bad. There are just a few issues that crop up because so many of the players are new and there's no matchmaking. Of course, a rating system designed specifically for Wands would be better, and I'd love to see one implemented someday, and I agree with most of your suggestions for how to make a better system. But for now, tweaks to Elo are probably more practical than a complete overhaul. And fwiw, you can bake uncertainty into Elo without too much effort, which would make the ratings much more accurate, but I won't go down that rabbit hole in this thread. ;)

    "I could imagine [the exhibition system] could create a class of untouchable elites even when lower-ranked players are actually more skilled. It could prevent the rating system from noticing such players before the season ends."
    That's possible hypothetically, but extremely unlikely in practice. The rating difference to trigger an exhibition match would need to be at least 669 points. It's extremely rare for a better player to be rated that much lower than their opponent (and if they are, there are more than enough players who aren't rated above 2169 to get them within 669 points of the top players fairly quickly). On the other hand, it's very common for players rated above 2169 to play players rated 1500, and it will get more common as the season progresses because the top players' ratings will continue to improve. The fact that such games are so common is a big problem because the higher rated player is strongly incentivized to leave (and if they can't leave, to destroy the new player as quickly as possible). So since it's such a common problem, I think it warrants a tweak to the system, especially since the only games it would affect are those that Elo predicts will result in no points won or lost anyway.
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    Sorry for the late response guys, here's my (short) take on the rating in Wands.

    I've read your take on the current ranking system several times in multiple threads. We do appreciate your thoughts in the matter and see it as an incentive to do better, we will however not remove it from Wands. To us it's a clear case of positive effects outweighing the negatives here.

    I think your ideas are interesting and potentially good in theory @OccyRing and @gilch, thank you for that. I think our focus at the moment will be gaining and retaining players to be able to do better match making and also to iron out the kinks in the game to even the battleground.
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