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Invincibility in demon

Today i played someone who took advantage of a bug that i think was probably enabled by lag.

Multiple times he teleported onto my starting tile. Ive heard things before about simultaneous teleports but that could not possibly be the case if you are sitting on your starting tile.

During one game on halls, he teleported to my starting tile. I teleported away. Then, meteors started coming from his starting tile to the one i was just on. But he still appeared on my starting tile. So basically it looked like he was firing at himself, but he wasnt firing at anyone. Dumb but harmless bug.

The awful part is when he teleports into a demon and becomes invincible. This obviously is routine for him because once hes in a demon he wont move. He will sit there and fire at you. I fired meteor and spikes but they only damaged the demon and not the player. So your demon is made useless, then youre forced to blow through your mana meter to kill the demon, all the while hes sitting there firing at you.


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