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Suggestion - skip wait period at match start


I'd like to propose a feature where during the 30 seconds wait period at the beginning of a match, a user can request a vote to skip the wait to immediately go to the 5 second countdown. The other person would then see that vote request and be able to vote yes or no. If they respond no, the original user gets a notification and cannot suggest a second vote (to avoid spamming), but the other person still can suggest one. If they respond yes, the game immediately goes to the 5 second countdown.

There aren't that many maps that experienced players still need time to figure them out, so for people who have played for a while, the wait can get a bit tedious.

Otherwise, I'll say it again: great and fun game, love the new maps!


  • Interesting idea. I'd be up for a simple vote button. Probably like the two end of match options. Two small circles on the warm up ui.

    I definitely wouldn't want an automatic warm-up skip though. Opponents do sometimes reveal a spell or two or sometimes I want to think and swap between wands.
  • Yea i often switch to certain loadouts between matches, though it wouldnt take me 30 seconds...i also switch loadouts depending on the opponent. For example i know i wont need curse on a noob. Often against new players i use experimental loadouts.

    But i would be down for a vote button as well. I usually dont need 30 seconds.
  • edited June 2017
    Cool thread. Now that I think about it, I bet I've played around 3000 games since Wands was released (that's an average of about 10 games per day). So that means I've spent about 25 hours total in the 30 second warm up period before games. The only real use of the warm up period for most players is changing wands, and that only takes several seconds. So why not just take both players directly to the wand selection screen when a rematch starts and start the 5 second countdown as soon as they both select a wand? (there could be a 10 second time limit before it defaults to the last wand they used if they don't pick one)
    If a player is new and hasn't unlocked another wand, they can use that 10 seconds to warm up.
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