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Shooting through the wall in the prison/dungeon

Today when I was being farmed by Carl4D for 2 points at a time, I was unfortunately cursed through the wall in the area you can get a space health capsule. He cast it, while imprisoned, mind you, from the loft near where the OTHER space health capsule is, where there is NO line of site or even a beacon can be seen. In testing myself, you can cast any non projectile spell there, including prison, green gas cloud, spikes, and curse.

The fact that these players know about these glitches and can exploit them ftw is infuriating. Almost as bad as shooting at the feet with lightning or demi (which still happens and I still attempt to crouch down and block it before it magically floats through me thankfully).


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    As far as I know, this isn't a bug or a glitch it's a feature.You aren't teleporting or casting spells through the wall, there's a little sliver of the beacon that you have access to. It's a high level tactic that pretty much everyone in the top 10 uses. It's not unfair because unlike the Shield issues, everyone can take advantage of this irrespective of controller or loadout. I'm not 100% sure this is by design though. Whether it's good or bad is debatable. Personally, I like it because it's fun to find secrets like this and it makes some games more interesting and strategic.
    There are multiple spots on Prison that you can do this (yellow arrows on this chart)
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    I thought this feature made sure the pickup on A is just as much a risk to grab as E and I.
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    I PM'd Hanlid and he said this is not a bug, it's by design. I think it's one of the reasons Prison is such an interesting map. It makes the whole level much more connected. You have lots of options for Teleporting and launching attacks. But I understand it can seem strange to new players who get attacked when they can't see their opponent. Hopefully they're curious and try it for themselves.
  • Man carl must be really good! I still havent had the privilege of playing him. Its nice that he is ranked accurately, so you cant lose many points to him.

    That pickup spot has always been a tricky one. Ive always found it difficult to actually teleport from the loft to there, but its good because it gives that spot further line of sight and makes it harder for a player to hide for a long time.

    I used a similar tactic in this match, from the elevator (at roughly 1min). Its probably easier to cast from, but its still "through a wall"

    I still consider it probably my coolest win ever, and im lucky it happened to be recorded
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