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Thoughts on a Season Schedule

I worked out a theoretical season schedule to get a dialogue going with the devs about what we want as players and the needs of their production timeline.

*This schedule has a 2 month season and a 1 month off-season.
*Large content releases are timed to drop early in the off-season so they cause as little disruption as possible, while providing an unranked sandbox to try out new features while any major issues with the release are patched.
*Bug and Balance patches follow a consistent bi-weekly pattern intended to taper off into a stable build by the last weeks of the season, where changes are locked until the season ends and the tournament is complete.
*Players can generally expect a predictable pattern of events and updates.

Schedule A

Week 1: Previous Season Ends, Off-Season Begins
-Season ends on the last day of the month at a consistent time of day.
-Could occur on any day of this week, depending on the month.

Week 2: Post Season Tournament
-Tournament held at the end of this week to allow time to relax after the season ends and to prepare.
-Tournament is an invitational and invites the top 8 to participate (season acts as a qualifier).

Week 3: Major Content Updates (if planned)
-New SKUs, features, maps, spells, etc released during the off-season to avoid disruption.
-Tuesday AM launch time provides adequate time for last minute prep (Mon) and time to address any critical emergencies before the weekend hits (Tues PM + Wed-Fri).

Week 4: Tuesday AM Post Release Bug and Balance Patch 1 (if necessary).
Week 5: Tuesday AM Followup Bug and Balance Patch 2 (if necessary).

Week 5/6: New Season Begins
-Season starts on the first of the month at a consistent time of day.
-Could occur on any day of this week, depending on the month.

Week 7: Tuesday AM Bug and Balance Update (if planned).
Week 8:
Week 9: Tuesday AM Bug and Balance Update (if planned).
Week 10:
Week 11: Final Tuesday AM Update (if planned). Build should be stable; no more changes until the post-season tournament is complete.
Week 12:
Week 13:
^Back to Week 1 (Season Ends)

Feel free to share your opinion. Thanks!


  • edited September 2017
    There are some good reasons to not have an off-season at all. One being that if the game adds skill based matchmaking there shouldn't be a period where players are unranked (or their rank is frozen). So here's a 2 month cycle which cuts the off-season entirely that I think might work better than the above schedule:

    Schedule B

    Season begins - on 1st of the month at 12:00 AM UTC.
    Tournament - for previous season is held during the first weekend of the new season.
    Major Content Updates - are launched on the first Tuesday after the tournament.
    First Bug and Balance Patch - scheduled for the following Tuesday.
    Second Tuesday Bug and Balance Patch - scheduled two weeks later (last week of the first month).
    Final Tuesday Bug and Balance Patch - another two weeks later.
    Updating locked until season ends and tournament is completed (2-3 weeks).
    Season ends - at 12:00 AM UTC on the last day of the second month.

    As you can see, this schedule is a lot more compact, but is still focused on releasing new content early in the season and then working towards a stable and balanced build for the end of season push (with a lot of flexibility to accommodate development complications).

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