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At the time, I've got a 7 year old brick laptop and can't get the WebGL to work. How difficult would it be to make a mobile friendly spec mode? Or stream via twitch?


  • Do you get an error, or does it not finish loading? What kind of laptop is it? Maybe someone can help you to get WebGL working if it's possible with your machine.
  • It's just been sitting there for years.just think it needs to be formated and get a new start.. Thing is, I'm a bit lazy, so this things take some time
  • Ah, ok. :) Might just need to download a new browser and update your graphics drivers.

    I have a row of PCs behind me that "need to be formatted" too, so I know how likely that is to happen. hehe
  • Really sorry to hear that @tobisan. Although me and the rest of the dev team are very happy to have Wands Spectator up and running, we're currently not satisfied with the long loading times, and to hear it doesn't even run on your computer is bad news.

    I can't provide any details regarding porting the spectator mode to other platforms, other than it's being discussed. However, we are a small team and our to do list is growing larger every day so all I can say now is, hang it there :)
  • @hanlid don't get me wrong, i really like this game and admire everything you guys created here! I'm probably too lazy to fix my computer, and just looking for the easiest way out :) Keep up the good work!
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    I think the twitch idea is a good one tbh. I gotta feeling puffin browser does webgl but im probably totally wrong ill check now and come back with my oh no it doesnt.

    Not 100% but can load it on firefox and firefox aurora. It shows how many people searching but seems unresponsive to click search for game. Does show amount looking at time though. I will test again and let know if get any further
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    I know screenshot doesnt show amount but it said 3 :) and puffin didnt work but it poped msg up to try firefox
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    @brainbeat You, sir, are a hero. The Spectator site completely works on mobile.

    Steps to get it to work:
    1) Install Firefox on your phone.
    2) Open http://www.wandsgame.com/site/spectator/
    3) Click OK on the message informing you WebGL won't work.
    4) Wait for the page to load.

    You can't pinch zoom on the app itself, but clicking the fullscreen icon works great and will allow you to use the site in landscape mode. The refresh button also works. If there is a game going, you can click on it and then click Spectate to watch the game (will take a couple of seconds to load).

    I was able to spectate an actual match with a great framerate full screen on my S7E.

    I had tried it once on Opera but it ran out of memory about halfway along so I figured it wouldn't work on any browser. Fantastic discovery, brainbeat....this is huge news.
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    No worries happy to help

    Interesting i try now and says could not allocate enough memory. Ask developer to allocate less memory to webgl build. So seems buggy for sure. I closed all apps and it said 4 of 4 attempts
  • I get that if I try to load the site twice in a row without closing Firefox...but that happens on PC too (even with 32 gigs of ram).

    If I close Firefox and reopen it I am able to load the page again fine. What kind of phone do you have?
  • S6 edge i had to restart phone to get working again
  • S6E has 3gigs of ram, S7E has 4gigs, fwiw. It would be helpful if others weighed in on whether it works for them and what phone they are using.
  • Probably better idea to use moonlight if got nvidia on pc and just stream desktop to phone as itll be smoother for most.
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    Learned some more about Spectator on mobile:

    *Game browser doesn't always auto-update the game list reliably, but it's easy enough to tap the refresh button.
    *Sound works fine in the browser.
    *Sound in-game is distorted, but doesn't seem to lag (you still get sounds at the right times).
    *Best to turn off the music.
    *Phone screen will still go to sleep when it's running (even full screen). There are plenty of apps that can keep the screen on though.
    *Framerate is pretty good overall, though not perfect.
    *Turning on Post Process works, but slows framerate a lot.
    *Matches loaded on all 3 maps.
    *Aspis Prison sometime appeared unlit (the first two times I spectated on this map it was too dark to see much besides the lava and spells...but the third time it was lit correctly.)
    *I was able to watch many (3-5) games in a row without an error...though crashes or black screens did eventually occur, especially if the players switched maps or I did any multitasking with other apps.
    *I left the game browser running in Firefox while I did other things like Netflix, other web browsers, etc...even left it going in the background overnight and it was still working fine the next morning.

    Conclusions so far: I'm pretty impressed by how well this works considering it's completely unsupported. Seems like you could certainly load up the game browser and leave it running in the background as a way to periodically check to see if anyone is playing. Watching actual matches isn't quite as useful due to running out of memory and the long load to restart (plus the data usage!)...but it works if you're in a pinch. Someone tell @MrJRK !

    Playing around with this does now make me want a simple phone app or widget with just the game browser that loads quickly, doesn't use much data and sends notifications when someone starts a new game. I also want a pony.

  • @CharmedImSure oh, I would like a cyan coloured pony.. And his name will be known as the inquisitor!
  • TyD59TyD59 United States
    Spectator kinda works on my S7E 4G RAM, Android 6.0.1, Chrome. Several minutes to load. No pinch zoom. No panning. Full screen mode worked but I can't pan the screen to see the top of the interface. Preparing info was blurred in landscape. I could only read it in portrait mode without full screen.

    I sure hope a better system is created soon. Maybe a dedicated android app?

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    @TyD59 I tried it on android Firefox & it seems to work better. I can pinch zoom & pan while off the app part of the screen, but not on the app. Full screen mode & landscape works well, but the text status is fuzzy. It's large enough, just fuzzy. Can't zoom in on full screen mode of course. In non-full screen it's not fuzzy at all, on any practical zoom level.
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    @TyD59 I tried Chrome again & it seems to work the same as Firefox, now that I understand the limitations of both. I watched two players dual & loved it!
    For some reason the left screen showed the players name & the spells he was pack'n; no health/mana. The right screen showed the name & health/mana only; no spells. There was a translucent overlay to the left of his health/mana, but it didn't have any text in it. Does anyone else see it that way?

    Specator is a great feature!
  • I believe that happens if you spectate a lone player who is then later joined by another player. The second player's spells will not be visible if you get there first.

    You should see both players' spells if you spectate a game with two players already present.

    Welcome to the forum, btw!
  • TyD59TyD59 United States
    Thanx for the info & the welcome! Next time I'll try going back to the main screen & going back in.
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